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You may win for a few minutes or hours but eventually someone else may join so see where you get, have fun, don’t swear or post 18+ stuff, and most importantly RP
I’m first
Guess that makes me second, aye?

im winninggggggg
Oh and one way to try and win is to rp here I got this idea from another site where people rp to try and win
Quill (played by Emo)

*makes a crown that says winner*

I win! My crown even says so!!!
Only I will win
*glomps Quill taking the crown*
Quill (played by Emo)

*wiggles free and runs away, snagging crown on the way*

I am the winner, I am the winner

*runs in big circles*
No your not
*grabs you and swallows you whole*
Quill (played by Emo)

*wiggles around a lot until you are forced to regurgitate me*

*pops out now soaking wet but with the crown still on*

that was gross, but I’m still winning!
*gags you so you can’t talk*
What do we win anyway? Cause i'm confuzzled and winning but confuzzled
I won.

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