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I thought it was free but maybe not? It's similar to Landmarks, Silent Prayer or Lavender and it's got mountains in the background against a starry night sky. I think it's called Northern Lights and I checked all 11 pages for it but it's not there.
Mm... blue, green, and purple versions. Nope, those are Epic templates created by Auberon.
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Okay. And how do I find Epic templates consistently? It feels like they only pop up when I select categories that give me fewer options and suddenly it shows me all the choice I have outside of the free ones.

I clicked "blue" to check for it there, went through all the pages and it didn't show up.
If you don't have an Epic membership, you won't have access to Epic templates.

If you do have an Epic membership and the Epic templates aren't showing up and you're still only seeing 11 pages of templates, then you should send in a bug report. They should always be listed with the rest for those with Epic memberships, though they at least mostly (if not entirely) get listed after all the free ones. At the moment, with both free and Epic template listings, it shows me 18 pages.

You are on: Forums » Help » looking for a profile style

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