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With the new version of RPR, there are a lot of features regarding group creation and management that have changed.

Some things are new, other settings have changed format or location.

If you want to be able to give elevated access to users within your group so they can mod, delete and edit posts for example

In the past you used to see the list of users with check marks next to their name (column titles containing the different levels of access) and you select or remove the mark as required, to grant or remove that permission level.

In this new version of RPR, you need to...

1. Open the group
2. Go to the "wheel" icon right at the very end of the top menu bar (edge of the right hand corner)
3. Choose the option "manage members"
4. Go to the second tab called "Permissions"

Types of permissions: Edit, Member Management, Review Applications, GM, Moderator

You cannot give different types of permissions to 1 user in one go
But you can give 1 type of permission to many users in one go.

How? In the recipient section keep selecting the names from the drop down list.

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