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Summer Nicoleson (played anonymously)

About Characters Anonymous
Ok, so I know there is a thread in Smalltalk called Show Off Your Characters but it seems to have the vibe that it is for characters who are publicly played. I've seen a few anonymous characters post there but they seemed somewhat awkward and a couple even questioned whether they should even be there.

So, I was thinking that a place for anonymous characters to gather and be comfortably shown off by their anonymous writers would be nice to have. I didn't want to put it in Smalltalk as it seems more a Player/OOC forum. As anonymous characters are creations of their unknown players, I thought it would fit best in the 'Art and Creativity' forum. I debated putting this in the 'RP Discussion' forum but wasn't sure if it was actual RP discussion. So I will start it in the Creativity forum and if it is deemed apropriate to be moved elsewhere that is cool. Edit... I decided to start in the RP Discussion forum as the Creativity forum says it's specific to artwork.. at least that is the way I interpreted the header.

Hello! Welcome to a home to show off for Anonymous characters! This is a place where character-writers who prefer to remain unknown can present us anonymous characters and talk about us to the RP world at large! Our writers may choose to talk of us through themselves (OOC) or let us tell of ourselves (IC). I think it will be really far-out to see our anonymous characters touted here for all to see!

So, since I'm here, I'll go first. I'm Summer and I'm a late-born daughter of a sixties/seventies hippy boomer mother. I enjoy lounging on the beach and surfing with the guys on the awesome California beaches! I'm a Leo like my mother and I share the same birthday with her. I'm open for RP by request and am very happy to meet you all! :)
Allison Kaye (played anonymously)

"Nice place you have here. I'm not much for talking right now but you can listen to my radio inverview if you want to know more about me."
Sandy Nicoleson (played anonymously)

Hello! I would be the hippy boomer mother that Summer refers to. I've had a full life so far, and I intend to enjoy it until the end!
Lt Donna Nickers (played anonymously)

Hello! May as well hawk myself here. I'm Lieutenant Nickers and am (so far) a surviving redshirt. After the Dorchat battles and the destruction of Starbase 334, I was the ranking security officer stll alive and for the most part unwounded aboard the fast cruiser U.S.S. Kwajalein. Therefore, I was made acting lieutenant-commander of security.

I got my RP start in a combination Starfleet Battles game and a Star Trek Original series RP group. If you wish to write a Star Trek RP do let me know,

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