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This is for people who wanna show off their babies! Exploit the heck out of this topic. I mean go wild.

All the rules on Roleplay Repository apply as per usual. Please remember to be kind to each other!

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Sarah Da'naou (played by nightmqre)

Let's do this because this is my first character I'm fully proud of.

She is not fully complete.
Information on her race, family, and her mental health are still WIPs.

This is Da'naou, my canon character for my world.

She's an emotionally unstable glitch, who travels with her boyfriend. It's scary how compatible the two characters are; myself and the other person truly believe they could take over the world together.

(Yes, she's 17 and he is 21. In my world it is perfectly legal because the age requirements are not the same as reality!)
Zombie Girl (played by Mr_Stick)


Zombie Girl, who apparently is my most popular character?
This is Ari. She's sassy and stubborn, and has a dark and mysterious past. ~~~
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe)

Durian is my rogue Dunedin Ranger from the world of Middle Earth. If anyone is familiar with the books, he was Ranger #12 of the thirty that rode south to meet Aragorn. Morally grey, he has problems keeping his wandering eye in check.

He’s my second-longest established character on here, with Halasian the oldest.
Lucky (played by NightsMistyDeath)

This is Lucky, it seems she is everyone's favorite out of my characters. She is the first character I created on this site and I really like her story. I put a lot of work into her and I am far from done with her.
Aylssa Nicole Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

My pride and joy. I love all my characters as my children but lately she's really popular. She barely has time to do her homework and laundry.
Master Violinist (played by Winters_Fury)

Like SexySultryStephanie said: I love all my character's. But I am starting to be especially fond of this guy here.

Maestro is my hybrid OC that's a shadow demon and high elf. I've had him for years but only recently-ish put him up on RPR.

Musician's are part of my not my strong suit list. But when I found the base image I wanted for him, and read up about how Leo's usually are, I was just like: O.M.G! PERFECT! Rarely do I have an OC like Maestro. So boisterous, egotistical, elegant. And if his hair and or clothing is out of place, he will fuss over it while fixing it. He was a fun OC to make, and I enjoy portraying him very much. Hopefully I will get to test him out more.
Eloise Hemmings (played anonymously)

Eloise! I don't really have any art for her yet but I'm very proud of her page and her backstory that I created. 💕
West (played by Claine)

Aaah which character to show off? I'm so proud of all my characters :D

But I recently made West a new Epic Template! I'm very happy with it :D
I feel like showing off Kitty!
I have yet to actually RP with her (have had a few bites that just... didn't happen ;_;), but I really love her. I've always loved her concept since the day I made her, it's a shame I don't get much action with her :<
I'mma show off Mao Ling because you don't see too many older characters. She's also a futuristic character and a mechanic who don't take no sass from the younger generation, even though she has plenty to offer herself. She's fun and adorable and I love all the colors the template I used for her has!
Ruby Charlynn (played by MercyInReach)

Ruby is my oldest (age wise not creation wise) character, and not a lot of people are interested in her, but she's very sweet, has been through hell, and still has a lot of life left to live. I'm very happy with her backstory and over all page.
I'm very happy with the layout of the pages on Blair's profile. I'm way too lazy to start to develop character histories, but I have her history in mind, right now.
One of my first and favourite characters, although he is not the first I put up on RPR. I did know he would be up eventually. I hope you like my stoik but sweet baby.
Even though Kitsoru is my main. Zofia, my Fallout Raider, is my favorite.

I am currently in the middle of a story of her doing her thing like killing and stealing supplies for her own until she meets a cowardly geeky guy who literally isn't worth killing and she ended up keeping him alive because he may be useful to her in the future.

Of course he has no clue what she really does outside the house but she always comes back with something. But her story will get more interesting per chapter :)
Starlight Diva (played by Rogue-Scribe)

Starlight Diva was created in honour of a friend of mine who passed away in February 2019. We had been involved in collaborative RP writing since 2000 after meeting on a site called DarkStarr. Her username there was Starlightdiva, and over a few weeks there we got into a bit of an erotic orgy RP with a few others. It ended as quickly as it began, and we chatted in an OOC thread and we found out we were registered on The One Ring, a Tolkien-Middle Earth site created in the heady daze of the Lord of the Rings movie-making at the turn of the century. There she was known as Raven Tinuviel and I was my Ranger character Halasian. We started and wrote many a Middle Earth-based RP story there. I last RP'd with her there in 2007, and I lost touch with her completely in 2009 when she quit answering emails. It was only by chance that I got an email notification from a message board we both had frequented back 'in the old days' alerting me that she had posted anew. It turned out it was her granddaughter logging into her account telling people she knew that she had died.

It kind of hit me a bit hard, not like we were close in life or anything, but we were close in RP, and her character and several of mine had some intense RP in our stories. When her granddaughter asked me if I had memories and saved stories I would share, I spent some time going through my collected files. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to RP stories, and my computers and storage drives and my long-running email address are a bit like when Gandalf went into the depths of the library archives of Gondor in the Fellowship of the Ring movie. Anyway, I found some long forgotten gems, and it got me in touch with some other co-writers that were in some of our group RPs, and some of the original threads were found on some of the sites that hadn't ceased to exist over the years.

I'm getting long-winded here I see. So Starlight Diva is my way of honouring my dear friend. She is a work in progress, and I will be updating her page regularly as I have time to go over all the stories and the planned stories we had written over the years. I have based Starlight Diva's initial histories to one of the first things she ever shared with me on DarkStarr when she wanted my critique of her character bio. It was not set in any fandom and was quite detailed. She took parts of it and adapted it to her Middle Earth character, which I will be writing as one period of time in her list of outlines. I will not be roleplaying with this character though. She is strictly a shrine to my dearly departed friend and role playing partner and a place for me to write and hold to her memory.
Ever (played by DarkCrow)

I'm gonna show off Ever because I love my romantically problematic son

He's really deeply inspired by Gentle from Imajica by Clive Barker; The entire time I read that book I saw Jensen Ackles as Gentle, and I really liked Gentle as a character, so... just sort of made a character inspired by that character.

I'm excited for the future, I see a lot of cheesy romance RPs in Ever's future hopfeully ^^;
Netharan (played by Arcol)

Behold the great Netharan, First of the Fallen, Last of the Scourged, ruler of the Netherworld, the Flame Unquenched, Lord of Rage, Seeker of Vengeance, Wielder of the Darkeflame, sower of Malice, and the Eye All-Seeing.

Betrayed by his brother, Netharan has long sought vengeance upon him and all who follow his path. Wether you join or not, remember that the Eye Sees All.

(He also happens to be quite popular with Tusitala2017 as the main villain.) is a new character....

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