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Sibil (played anonymously)


I noticed when I go to look at another's RPR with photos (thumbnails), if they're marked as *Mature* they are blacked out. Which is fine.
However, everytime I go to scroll through their photos as I'm old enough to see such things, I continuously get an annoying pop-up stating the following: "The image has been tagged as containing mature content. Do you wish to display it?" with the options of Yes or No. I would think that after selecting Yes the first time, that should be sufficient enough to stop the slew of pop-ups from occurring. Instead, the same message is displayed every single time.

Is there a setting preference to dismiss this feature so I do not have to continuously click on Yes to view a mature photo on someone's rpr?
To turn those off, just go to the submenu under your username. From there, click Account Settings>Comfort and Privacy Settings. There are three checkboxes under Comfort Settings that ask if you're comfortable seeing violence, nudity/sexual content, and strong language.

If they're unchecked, click them to turn off any content warnings for that topic, which also lifts the blackout effect on photos with said content. If they are checked, then you shouldn't be seeing those pop-ups or blacked out photos; if that's the case, then I suggest sending a bug report to Kim. Hope that helps!

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