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In the middle of the ocean painted in clear blue skies and endless grey waves there lies two boats floating in a standstill in the sea. Unlike the sea that was dull and calm, the two ships that collided with one another were filled with tension and conflict. Trips across the ocean are meant to be easy, swift and even enjoyable in most cases. However, naive travelers who don't know what dastardly fields make their territories in the ocean are in for a rude awakening when they enter the devil’s sea.

This was one of those circumstances.

Three adventurers were making their way to a new continent called Khorvaire where they were invited from an unknown employer to take a quest that would promise them plenty of gold. It was supposed to be an easy trip until they were raided by a group of pirates, brigands that pillaged and slaughtered as they pleased. With the Captain and crew having no combat experience the adventurers advised them to stay below the deck while they took care of the pirates.

Yet, the simple task of fending off pirates was becoming more difficult than expected as these were fighting no order band of pirates. These men appeared stronger, wiser and more experienced than any bandits the three adventurers had come across. With only an Elven Wizard, Tiefling Bard and an Aarakocra Rogue on the front lines things were looking dire as three of them were at their final limits.

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