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Lt Donna Nickers (played anonymously)

*Beams Down*
Yes! I'm one of those crazy Trekkie fans who love most of the franchises and do like my lesser favorites (I'm a reluctant fan of the rebooted franchise but I'm being won over). Anyway, there will be a New Star Trek Series coming called Strange New Worlds! *Squeeee*

It will be set in the Trek timeline in the stardates before the original series, as it goes back to the original 1st pilot (The Cage) with Captain Pike, Spock, and #1 who was brilliantly portrayed by Majel Barrett.
Some Trek-Geek History
The network execs didn't like the pants-wearing woman second-in-command but didn't toss the show's concept out entirely. The network asked for and got a reworked 2nd pilot (Where No Man Has Gone Before) re-tooled with William Shatner as Captain James Kirk, and Majel Barrett put into a "proper" women's role as a nurse. I have to hand it to Majel Barrett and Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Janice Rand) for designing those wonderfully sexy 'go-go' girl outfits. Yes, they were very sexist but still.... I Love them! :)

My whole RP/game-playing story is set in this period! I, for one, look forward to this new Star Trek franchise!
*Beams Up*
Yep yep and then Majel Barrett became the computer voice as well on The Next Generation, aaand Deanna Troi's eccentric mother.

Yes...the go go outfits. 💕

About the various too, me toooo. I didn't like them at first, but they started to win me over.

I loved the JJ Abrams movies (especially the first one). But the series...

I didn't care for Picard much at ALL. Too dark. Star Trek is optimistic.

I extremely disliked Discovery at first (the Klingons are so different and seem way too over-dramatic, for one thing), buuut we gave it another chance and it got better, especially when Captain Pike showed up and took command.

Which is why we are also looking forward to Strange New Worlds! *grins enthusiastically*

Also the last few seasons had a good story arc...we got hooked. 🙂

Question: Have you ever watched Seth MacFarlane's show The Orville? I think it's on Hulu.

You may know--Seth MacFarlane is the writer who created Family Guy, but The Orville is a much more serious show (I's definitely silly and definitely a lot of comedy, but it also somehow deals with serious issues the way the PREVIOUS Star Trek series used to. And it has that feel.)

Just a suggestion, if you're looking for a show that tends to be kind of interesting for Star Trek fans to watch! Because he's obviously trying to make a Star Trek parody, and it's cute!
Lt Donna Nickers (played anonymously)

Ohhh... I'll have to check out this 'Oriville'!

I wonder if Star Trek inspired Nancy Sinatra on her performance of These Boots Are Made For Walking or the other way around or it was coincidence or what as it was about the same time.

I didn't mind Picard too much. Yes it was dark, and I think JJ Abrams sort of presents the universe much darker than the original did. It was great seeing the old castmemebrs, and Seven really brought it!The trouble I had with Picard was they were trying to do too much with tying the strings together, and I was disappointed with the ending.
Spoiler tag added in case anyone hasn't seen the Star Trek Picard series
Are you sure? Picard should have died capping a wonderful Patrick Stewart career in the role

Here is how I rate the franchise as far as my enjoyment:
The Various TV/Streaming Series
  • Original
  • Deep Space 9
  • Next Generation
  • Discovery
  • Voyager
  • Picard
  • Enterprise

Discovery I had a hard time with at the beginning but it is growing on me.I admit being behind in watching this

As for the movies, I found the first four with the original cast good, but there was a declining quality to them and I had a hard time with Star Trek V. Undiscovered Country was ok. I was rather indifferent with the Next Generation movies, and though the jj Abrams movies 'reboots' the original franchise, I am liking them for the most part. I don't really care for the 'young' Kirk though. Don't know why.

Oh, thank you Abigail for the nice Kudos! :)
They're WHAT.

I wanted to like Discovery, because it was set in my Favourite Era, but couldn't get into the characters/pacing/klingons and REALLY just wanted Pike and Number One. Season Two almost... barely gave me that but I desperately wanted THIS. How did I completely miss this announcement?



you've made my day.

I'm in enough RPs right now that I'm not about to jump into another (although I've got an old Andorian doc I will break out again, one day). So I wish you luck, and also 100% second giving Orville a watch. It's meant to be a "parody" of Star Trek, and "parodies" it by just... Straight up being a Star Trek series. It's the most spot-on, honest Star Trek series you'll find, really.

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