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Vlad Drakula (played by lowlaville)

The 16 year old boy woke up in complete darkness. Or he thought it was darkness, because his room was completely dark. Under normal circumstances, cold air from outside the castle blew in through the room's arch doorway that lead on to an expansive belcony overlooking the castle grounds below. Light filtered in through the door as well, and chandeliars hanging from the ceiling provided even more light. You see, the 16 year old Vlad Dracula feared the darkness, it was an irrational fear that he'd developed. Suddenly finding himself in total darkness sent the boy into such a panic that he could hear his own heart beating, and felt as if he was going to choke. Unbecoming of a royal, but he screamed, screamed and screamed. Even he didn't know for how long. It was until his throat gave away and his voice disappeared and his mouth felt so dry to the point he did not think he was going to live any longer.

"Weakness is unbecoming, little Dracula." A kind voice shone in this darkness, appearing as a blue light that forced the cover of shadow to flee into every corner of...wherever Vlad had been kept. His eyes scanned the surroundings. It was alien. Cold metallic floors with an atmosphere no different from blowing cold winds in the winter. He'd been in a bed, soft and springy, and there were light sources embedded in smooth ceilings on top, glowing a color unlike Vlad had ever seen. He was in a room, but a room not like any other room Vlad was familiar with. He tried to locate the voice that spoke to him but found no one at all, not even a shadow of someone.
Image "Where am I and what do you want from me?" Vlad demanded, accompanied by a commanding tone and look, along with appropriate posture, head held high and standing properly.

"For that, you will have to come down and meet me in the lab, little Dracula." The voice spoke again, and it seemed to come from inside the walls themselves. Unnerving as it was, Vlad still couldn't discover a source of the voice, or the person speaking. He had no option but to obey, which was easy given that the door to the room lay open, and Vlad could see a bright lit hallway beyond. A darker shade of red carpeting decorated the
expanse of the hallway with the walls having been painted white, filled with portraits of various sizes and shapes, many featuring people and things, places and objects Vlad had never before seen in his life. As unnerved as he was, he still followed the hallway and until he came upon an entrance at the very end of the hall. It opened down into a stairwell with staircases leading down, to what Vlad could only assume was his destination.

After heading down for five minutes, he came to an exit, through which he could hear sounds, sounds of boiling water and many that he did not recognize and had no words to describe. But beyond this exit Vlad discovered a room full of clear glass and glass like tubes with liquid of various color running through them. He even found a few vertical tubes large enough to hold people inside, filled with a green translucent liquid, and inside one, a man who seemed to be sleeping, with pipes poking out of his arms and legs, and even between his legs and private parts.

For a second, Vlad stepped closer to the glass to observe, until his eyes suddenly opened, blood red and began to struggle. This startled the young Vlad who jerked back and fell down onto the cold metal floor of the room.
"Well, hello, boy." A mysterious man with black hair and a walking aid made his appearance behind Vlad. One glance and Vlad could.

"Are you the one who kidnapped me?" Vlad asked, because at this point in time he had no doubt what was happening, whether or not he was going to be dead at the end of this journey either. What Vlad did know was that, somehow, he had to survive this encounter, but he didn't have any weapon. He was taught swordplay by the grandmasters of Wallachia, but without a sword, that was pretty much useless. He was scared, yes, but also determined not to die.

"Probably one of my meddlesome brothers, but no, I did not. I'm also highly Image
intrigued and curious that of all the places you could have stumbled into, you find yourself in my humble laboratory. This is what I call fate." The mysterious man had a golden smile that Vlad could hardly resist, and he seemed harmless. Vlad understood very little of what he was saying and that deeply frustrated him!

"Let me go back home!" Vlad Dracula demanded of his mysterious captor, who turned out wasn't his true captor?

"Unfortunately for you boy, no one goes back alive from my laboratory." The man still smiled and his voice had no change of tone despite the drastic change of meaning behind his words. "which means you'll have to die,"

"Your mortal Kings and Queens have no say in who lives or dies boy." The mysterious stranger simply turned as if to lead the boy towards a table. Vlad wanted to resist with all his mind, but his legs only moved forward, what sort of sorcery was in play, he had no idea. It was a metal table with saws, cutters and drills, needles and dissection tools and Vlad was forced to lay down there.

"You will be the subject of an experiment, a small one that I have been planning for centuries," the mysterious man spoke to Vlad as he wore thin gloves on his hand, a mask on his mouth and sanitary cap on his head. "I have been collecting blood samples from thousands of vampires across age and time, powerful, pure bred vampires who'd been masters of their time. Some could fly, some could change shape, form and size. Some even had superb regeneration."

With these words spoken, the mysterious man took out a red coloured ruby, a crystal and held it over Vlad's face so that he could see. The crystal seemed alive with ever changing vortexes of blood red appearing and disappearing across its surface. "And from those samples, I drew the essence of their vampiric abilities into this stone, and I'm going to embed this into your body and soul."

"Don't you dare touch me with you filthy hand vermin!" Vlad protested helplessly. He could not move despite not being injected with any anesthetic at all, nor was he paralyzed. It was the effect of some unforeseen magic.

The man made a cut with a scalpel, right about the heart, and blood started oozing out. It was accompanied by screams of agony such as the boy had never experienced before.
Image The began chanting words in some arcane language, putting his hands into the wound in Vlad's chest, pushing the red gem into the heart as he continued chanting the arcane magic, until the palm of his hand lay right on the boy's heart along with the gem. The gem started crumbling as the essence held inside of it started leaking and began to assimilate with the body. The mysterious man massaged Vlad's heart until the gem was all but gone and its power now assimilated with the boy completely. And then, in a cruel twist of fate, he simply crushed the heart, killing Vlad.
Finally, Vlad's blood curdling screams and crying came to an end. Standing back, the man marveled at his work, the boy lying dead in a pool of his own blood.

"And now....we wait." The man sat down beside his work table, waiting for a miracle to happen. He observed and continued to observe until hours later the body started withering away, skin peeling off Vlad piece by piece to reveal of gelatin mass of black substance that had replaced everything inside Vlad. And where once was a human, now only something without form remained.

He waited, for hours and hours, until the black mass started forming shape. Until finally, it became Vlad yet again.

"Congratulations, boy." The man said, smiling and tousling his hand through Vlad's hair which seemed to have grown an inch or two under the effects of the transformation.

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