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Hi guys! So, I recently read and finished the first 'Host' book by Stephanie Meyer. And it was amazing. So, I thought I would make a RP about it and see if anyone else was interesting in it. So we will do it down here in the forums below, if you are interested make sure to PM me to get the details of your character down and so I know you will be joining in. I just don't want a ton of introductions mingled in with the RP.

This takes place at the beginning of the host book. The group with Jared and Ian does exist but all of the people have different names and/or personalities. So, same setting for the group different people.

You can either be parasite or a human. I personally will be RPing as a parasite.

LGBTQ+ allowed (Obviously)

Romance is allowed; I love romance! Please if there is going to be sexy times- fade to black.

For those of you who don't know what The Host is, it is a book/movie where aliens have taken over the world. They insert themselves into humans bodies and take over their lives, sometimes retaining some memories. Depending on how the strong the human that the alien takes over is, the human might be able to momentarily take back control and even talk to its host in their head. The only way you can tell that a human has a host, or is controlled by an alien is a white ring around their pupil and a small cut on the back of their neck (Where the aliens were inserted.) There are some humans scattered around the world left over, but for the most part they don't stick together. For the plot of this story, there is a group of humans in giant caverns. (The setting can be described more later) with a group of about 15 people (Right?)

I am looking for a group of around 5 people to RP with. Make sure to PM me is you want to join into the RP!

Now to the RP!

I walked over to the farms where I worked. There was a small enough settlement to be comfortable alone, but it was large enough to produce substantial food to ship to the big cities. I had chosen to be more or less on my own farming in the desert. It was comfortable to me. It also made it easier to deal with the headaches and memories of the previous host.

Like now. I brought my fingers up and massaged my temples. Ow. I needed to figure out why this was happened. What do you want? I shouted as loud as I could into my brain. No response. There usually wasn't one. I didn't know what her problem with me was. And no one knew that she was still there. In a corner of the brain. Shackled and weak but her presence couldn't be denied.

I wouldn't tell anyone. But I longed to know more about her past life. I walked inside and got myself a glass of water. I chugged all of it and filled it up again, bringing it outside and curling up on a chair. I loved the heat. I was used to the heat. It was glorifying. But they didn't do anything to help my headaches. Why did she have to attack me so? I didn't choose to be put in her body. It just happened.

My eyes followed the outlines of the mountains in the distance. It was a relaxing exercise. By now I almost had their shape memorized. My hands trembled. I hated having to compete with her for control. Just let me be. I screamed into my brain. Please. I added weakly as an afterthought. I set the glass of water on the table next to me and got up. I needed to focus on work. Anything to get my head away from her.
Paisley Dragonrose (played anonymously)

Sometimes the world slows down and is quiet enough for me to think about how different everything is now...well, most of the time, really. That's what happens when you live in solitude, I guess. But the parasites took over my parents over a year ago by now, and I'm an only child so I've been on my own since. Their seekers have been looking for me since, but the good part about being a solitary person is it means it's easy for me to run and hide. The bad part is the solitude. I miss my parents and friends, maybe even more than I miss the world being safe for me. Safe enough for me to be afraid of spiders. Back then, I could just scream and yell for daddy to come kill it for me.

Now there's a spider crawling across the toe of my shoe and there's no one else around to deal with it. Now, I don't kill it. I wait for it to crawl back off my shoe so that I can walk again, and then I go back to picking ripe fruits and vegetables. Not very many, and spaced apart so the parasite who works at this farm shouldn't notice anything missing. My ratty backpack's holding three tomatoes and a couple peppers when I hear someone coming out of the building. I freeze, eyes wide, for a second sure that I'm busted. But the parasite's not paying attention, so I glance around quickly, pulling my hair out of its high pony tail so that it falls loose down my back, hiding the fact that I don't have a scar back there. There's nothing I can do about my eyes, but at least if she catches me leaving, with my back to her, she'll probably just assume I'm another parasite out for a walk or something.

A girl can hope, at least. I start backing away, moving slowly and hoping I don't draw attention as I move towards a building. If I can just get behind it, I can circle around when she gets to work or something and make a run for it.
I notice a rustling over by some of the crops. I pause, midstep and direct myself there instead. I hadn't thought that there was anyone to come and pick up the fruit and vegetables today, but maybe I was wrong. My eyes scan the area I heard the noise come from and I notice a quick swish of hair from my right. I had no reason to be cautious or afraid. It was probably just someone who was taking a jog, or needed some time to think. That would be normal. Reasonable. But the presence in my head was on high alert. This scared me.

I shook my head and headed towards where I saw the hair. "Hello?" I asked, trying to sound confident and carefree. Us hosts are supposed to be trusting to other hosts. Hosts aren't supposed to do anything wrong because they understand that all hosts are friends. Parasites. Was thrown at me in my head and I winced. I tried to near closer to the hair. "Hey there! I hadn't thought that there was a delivery today. If you wanted a few pieces of my food you should have asked! We're all friends here." The voice in my head buzzed warily.
Paisley Dragonrose (played anonymously)

I freeze, squeezing my eyes shut for a moment even though I'm angled away and internally swearing at myself. Don't let it see yours eyes, I needlessly remind myself repeatedly, my heart pounding. An idiot slips in there too once or twice. I try to keep my breathing calm and even as I open my eyes again, keeping them down, and kneel down to pick some carrots.

"Yeah..." I start, but my voice comes out too weird. Definitely not the calm that parasites always have. That a parasite should have when dealing with another parasite...they never have anything to worry about. I clear my throat, then try again, my voice coming out at least something like normal now, "There's no delivery, I was just...out for a walk and happened to pass by. Thought I'd save myself the trip to the store. My brother has the car, so I don't know if I'd be able to get there today anyway, but we're almost out of food." Stop talking! I yell at myself. I always "over-share" when I'm lying. You'd think knowing this for my entire life would mean I'd have figured out how to break that habit by now, but I think it's just gotten worse. Maybe it's the nerves. I need to get out of here, this is too risky. I can't keep staring at the ground, or vegetables, forever. "I didn't want to disturb you," I finish lamely. "You looked like something was on your mind. I'm just getting a few things." I glance in my backpack to take stock of what I have so far, and it should be enough. How suspicious would it be if I just turned and bolted away now? No...better to wait until it's not paying attention so it doesn't see the direction I go in.
I take a step back to a comfortable distance and look at her. Her voice seemed... I didn't have a word for it. Not one that I'd felt a lot. Anxious. the voice in my head supplied. For once I was slightly grateful to her. She seemed to be just as interested. In any case her voice was not calm. But maybe the wind was distorting it. I watched her kneel down to grab some carrots and I kneel as well, so we can be the same height.

She was out for a walk? I could tell my voice wasn't trying to speak to me, maybe it was just thinking to itself. In any case, we share a mind now. "Isn't it a little hot to be out for a walk?" I asked, the voice in my head transferring it's suspicion and anxiety to me. I cleared my throat. Any host would be surprised at the suspicion in my tone. I nodded at her story. "Your brother..." I said. "Is it your past hosts brother or someone you've adopted as your own?" I asked curiously. I wanted to know more about other people's relationships. I wasn't exactly the normal host. Something was on my mind. More like someone. She looks fidgety, maybe a little nervous, like she wants to bolt. I don't quite understand. And then I think I do. She has her hair down, covering the back of her neck. She's been avoiding eye contact with me... I pause, my arm half outstretched towards her, my mouth half open as if I was about to say something. Then, without another word, I look at her, and say steadily. "You should probably go." Then, I turn on my heel and walk right back into my house.
Paisley Dragonrose (played anonymously)

She's suspicious. I catch the difference in her tone even before she's finished speaking. But over heat? That can't be right. Can it? Are parasites really that whimpy when it comes to weather? Unless she already knows that I'm human. It takes all my self control not to just jump up and run right now. But I can't. I could be wrong, I hope I'm wrong, but whether I'm wrong or right, it's too likely that jumping up and running will just result in running right into a trap. "Heat doesn't bother me," I say, as calmly as I can, hoping that it's just my paranoia that's making my voice sound off. My face turns red at the question of the brother lie. It was sloppy, I realize now. Parasites don't have families. "My host's brother," I say. "But we all still live in the same house for now."

When her hand stretches out towards me, I try so hard to pretend that I either don't notice or that it doesn't bother me. It doesn't matter to me which one she reads out of my actions. I just can't let myself flinch at the touch, if it comes. That'd be too obvious. Except it doesn't come. She doesn't touch me, and I can feel her eyes burning into me even though I can't quite see her face from this angle. I don't look at her until her back's turned, my eyes wide, but I'm not sure if it's fear or disbelief or suspicion or surprise I'm feeling. Maybe all of it. Either way, I'm pretty sure she knows what I am now. And if I'm right, even if I'm not, it is. I have to go.

I throw my the straps of my backpack over both my shoulders, giving myself full mobility as I shove myself to my feet, spinning and bolting in the opposite direction, running away from the farm, away from the small amount of civilization there is, running away.
Silently, I scold myself on the way back inside as I hear her push to her feet and dash in the opposite direction. I should have turned her in. That single thought echoed in my skull. I don't know why I didn't, maybe the previous host in my head was rubbing off on me. I shuddered at my that. And then another single thought was thrown at me by her. You're a traitor. I shivered. "No." I said quietly, without realizing I was talking out loud. "I'm not."

Yes, you are. And I'm not sure why. I couldn't help but agree with her silently. I felt like a traitor. But then again... I could have been wrong. Turning, I shouted in the direction she went, "Come back any time!" She probably wouldn't. But if she did, then I was ready to be a traitor. I would be a traitor for this. The humans hadn't done anything wrong except be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But... wait. Those weren't my thoughts. Inwardly, I scowled at my self control. Yes they did. They destroyed the Earth, each other, their communities. It was time for us to take it.

I wondered if I would see her again. I hoped so. The previous host hoped so. I didn't want to agree with her. Too bad. She said in my mind. I flinched. She was talking more. Maybe the experience had provoked it. If anything else happened, I could just go in the direction that the girl went. I wondered if I would find where she lived. Maybe, I would find her. The previous host realized what this might mean, that I might turn her in this time and rebelled against the thought. I tried not to give her a choice. She didn't have a choice.
Paisley Dragonrose (played anonymously)

I didn't stop when she yelled out again, but her words surprised me enough that I was stupid enough to look back. My lack of grace brought me down then, as I tripped over my own feet and tumbled head over heels. By the time I stopped, I was somehow both amused at myself, laughing a little bit before I can stop myself, and panicked that I'd stopped without getting further than the edge of the property yet. But a quick glance around as I got quickly back to my feet told me that I was safe. For now, at least. I kept running, paying more attention to my feet again.

And I didn't tell her this, but I would come back. I had to, this was my closest source of food. But next time it would be in the middle of the night, like this time should have been. While everyone was supposed to be asleep or gone, when it was a lot less likely that I would be caught. I briefly contemplated coming back that very night. I didn't get much food this time, after all, and who would ever expect me to be crazy enough to come back so fast? But I dismiss the idea, mostly because I don't feel like running all this way twice in one day. I can wait a few days.
I heard a small 'thud' as my words must have hit her, and stopped midstep, but shook my head and continued. I thought that she might come back, considering there wasn't a lot near me. Unless she was willing to walk a few extra miles for food, she would probably come here. But not in the same circumstances. Instead she would come in the cover of night. Or when I was inside. My headache was still just as potent, and I was a little worried that she was inflicting it on purpose. But I realized I would do the same if I was her.

I decided to bake some cookies. I got out the milk, flour, sugar, and all the other minor ingredients. Then I did as the recipe said, baked at 350 for 20 minutes and set them out to cool. Once they cooled, I set them on a nice blue platter and put them outside on the edge of the deck. They would be good for a few days, but if she took a week or longer the animals might muster up the courage to eat them themselves. I set a note gently on the platter. Bon Appetite.
Paisley Dragonrose (played anonymously)

It's too much work to go back the same night, so I wait until the next night. I leave after sunset, after enjoying the way the time of day paints the sky purple and pink and different shades of blue than are normally seen during the day. Sunset's my favorite time of the day because it makes the sky look like magic. Sometimes it almost makes me forget all the crap that's happened in the world. This time it almost makes me forget about the parasite I have to dodge. But thinking about that doesn't bother me too much, since this time it shouldn't really be a problem. This time, I'll go in under the cover of night and while no one's around, like I should have done to begin with.

I don't leave until it's nice and dark, so it's pretty late by the time I get to the farm. Late enough that no one's around, at least. But still, I stop and hide at first so I can get a good look around, just to make sure, before I go into the fields and start filling my backpack with applies, peppers, oranges, carrots, everything I can get my hands on. Once my backpack's full, I zip it up and slip my arms through the straps, letting it settle on my back. I start to leave, but something on the porch catches my attention. I only debate it for about half a second before I risk going closer and realize it's a plate of cookies, with a note. "Bon appetite?" I whisper almost silently to myself. Did she make these for me? That can't be right, she must just have put them out to cool or something. But if that were the case, she wouldn't go ahead and put the note with them. I glance around, unable to imagine who else would show up in the middle of the night like this.

I pick up one of the cookies and take a bite, closing my eyes and savoring the taste. I don't even remember the last time I had something sweet, or this delicious. I take the whole plate of cookies with me with I leave, and the next night I go back to the farm, leaving the empty plate and a vase filled with colorful flowers from my garden as a thank you. I figure it's nicer than pointing out that she's probably the weirdest parasite I've ever seen for feeding me instead of turning me in.
The next day, when I wake up and head outside like I always do, I see the platter gone. I smile to myself, pleased that she must have liked the cookies. But I suppose food was food to her and I had been complimented on my cookies before. I don't bother myself with it for the rest of the day and the next morning, when I wake up, the platter is back and this time empty. Carefully, I pick it up and bring it to my sink to wash later and when I head back outside I notice the vase for the first time.

The flowers inside were beautiful and definitely not from this house. All of the flowers that grew here were rosebushes arranged in neat rows on the side of my house or the weeds that pop up underneath the crops. Nothing this spectacular. So, she obviously was somewhere else when she got these. I wonder where. I take the vase inside and set it behind my window, so that anyone who would happen to pass by would see them in full view.

I went outside re-energized and got a lot of work done that day. In fact, I had extra produce for what seemed like the first time ever. I took out a leather satchel and filled it with the produce and left it outside. Maybe the animals would eat it. Maybe it would get mysteriously picked up. Whatever happened to it, it was extra so it didn't matter.
Paisley Dragonrose (played anonymously)

I'm not completely out of food the next time I go to the farm. I'm low, but not out. Normally I wait until I'm out. But curiosity drives me back. Earlier than I should go too...but I blame that one on the beauty of a sunset. It's after dark when I show up, but not late. Not late enough for anybody to be asleep. But the place looks quiet enough on the outside, so I go poking around, until I find a bag that I try to convince myself is a trap...even if I can't really work out how it would be a trap. Especially not since it's filled with food. Unless maybe the whole thing's a trap. Maybe the parasite's trying to lure me into some kind of false sense of security.

But that would be stupid. Seekers don't do that. They hunt and surround and catch. And then they snuff out our entire selves to make room for them.

I throw the bag's strap over my shoulder and take the food home. And then in the morning, I pull on a clean pair of jeans and the blue tank top that used to make my eyes pop before it all the color faded. I pull on my sneakers and lace them up, put my hair up in a pony tail at the back of my head, and grab the parasite's now-empty bag and my sunglasses, and I run back to the farm, even though its the middle of the day by the time I get there.

Well, more like late morning, but close enough. I pause long enough in the distance to let my hair down and put on my sunglasses, and then pretend I'm much braver than I am when I walk onto the property in search of the parasite.
When the bag is gone, my spirits are lifted for a while. I woke up early, and went out to water the crops so I could get part of today off. If I hurried enough I might still. But I had paused when I noticed a figure walking towards me with sunglasses and her hair down. My heart sped up. Traitor. She hissed. I winced. The girl with sunglasses was the same girl who I had given the food. I meet her halfway and walk towards her.

"Hey." I said calmly. I was surprised at how calm I sounded. "How are you?" I certainly didn't sound like a traitor. But you still are. Ouch. I flashed the female a reassuring smile. "How's your brother?" I asked kindly, starting off the conversation with what I thought was a lie. "Oh-" I shook my head. "I'm being so impolite. Have you eaten yet? Care to join me? I was just about to go." The voice in my head was extremely unhappy with the fact that I was being so polite. She thought it felt like leading a lamb to a slaughter. But honestly, I wasn't sure what my next choice of action was. If someone found out and tried to accuse me of feeding a human, I would probably deny all charges with equivalent responses.

I turned and walked into my house hoping she would follow me without waiting for a response.

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