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Sadako (played anonymously)

H-Hi, I'm Sadako...

As you can see from the title... I'd like you to tell a real scary (ghost) story--anything scary/paranormal--that has happened to you or a friend. You can even share a true scary story based on rumors or what you've heard from neighbors, classmates or co-workers! You can also change the names of the place, event, or people involved to keep privacy. Again, the story has to be real! Not made up, okay? REEAAALL.....

You are all welcome to join and share, but if you have none, you can just always read the stories of others here.

I'll start!

By Anonymous

There were rumors that my grandmother's house was haunted. Her neighbors say it was because the lot or the house was never blessed. So, my family and I decided to finally do it -- bless the house -- as we thought it was necessary.

On that night, the night before the blessing, my mother and I decided to settle at my grandmother's house.

Around midnight or so, my grandmother and I were in a room together. I was minding my own business while my grandmother was fast asleep, only until I heard my mother's voice. It sounded like she was downstairs. She said, "Kristin, kadtu di sa dalum!" (Kristin, come down here!)

Hearing that, I opened the door to leave the room, but once outside, my heart skipped a beat. Just there, standing by the other room close to me was my mother! Before I could say something, she hushed me and immediately whispered to never go downstairs, for, in truth, she heard the voice, too. It immediately gave me goosebumps. My skin was crawling and everything got cold very quickly...

So after that, my mother, my grandmother, and I remained upstairs in one room. We never went downstairs for the whole night...
Not sure if this is scary, but it's kinda scary to me, and don't worry. It's pretty short. XD


My father, William, is a busy man who often stays in front of his computer usually making his reports. But on a quiet, I think, Sunday, something wasn't right. The more he typed on his computer, the more the letters started to jumble. He thought it was a glitch that would eventually stop within a minute, but no. It didn't. And so, he decided to observe what would happen.

After a while once he stopped typing, a sentence was freely stated...and it said: "Help me..."

My father, although aware it might be a ghost, allowed the computer to type itself and after each word or sentence, he would reply to it. However, the conversation didn't take long...for the ghost stopped typing...
I have another one from my high school...


Right after one of our performances in the school's multipurpose hall, the students were cleaning up the venue, sweeping the floors, fixing the equipment, and returning the armchairs to the classrooms. However, there was one particular armchair which the students were trying to carry. It started with two students, then three, then 4. It was strange really because, to be honest, the chair was just made out of wood and a bit of metal.

It took them a while to put the armchair inside the classroom, but they eventually did it. Some felt weird, some were scared, but the students who carried the chair that night felt a lot worse the next day. Apparently, the chair they carried was owned by a student who recently died from a certain flu/fever called "Dengue". This student was known to be very big, which may explain why it was heavy. His ghost was sitting on it all the while...
I’m not afraid of ghost, but there was this mass demonic possession happened when I was still a second year high school student.

We were on a field trip, and it was a night at the hotel when suddenly some girls started to scream hysterically, cursed at everyone and hit anybody who went near them. It spread really fast to other students. Some teachers tried to do exorcism themselves while the hotel management were still trying to contact real shaman to deal with it. Some students who were still not possessed being told to stay outside of the hotel to prevent the possession spread wider.

After a while, looked like the mass possession finally over. Students who were outside finally returned back to the hotel in relief. I went to my room, back to sleep, until morning came, things went normal. But then it happened again when we just wanted to check out from the hotel, and that mass possession keep continuing even when we were on the bus on the way home. More than half of the students were possessed inside the bus. A student who sat behind me on the bus was possessed too. And because I was a really curious person, I looked at that student, but it made me being yelled by teacher. “Don’t look at her eyes!” He said to me.

When I tried to remember about that again, I was just glad that the bus driver didn’t get possessed too, or else maybe we won’t made it home alive back then.

That mass demonic possession still happened again though, on the next day after the field trip ended, at our school.
I never knew what to make of what happened to me. But it was so bad that to this day I still have nightly rituals I do to keep anything from happening to me again.

Ever since I was a child, I've always had issues with insomnia and felt tired more often than not. During a trip to my great-grandma's house for our trip to Florida, we had to spend the night. Everything was fine, we watched some Star Wars, drank pepsi, ate some hamburgers. Then it was about time to go to bed.

There was a small TV room with two rocking chairs that me and my sister had to sleep on the floor in. I watched some late night anime (Cyborg 007 and Lupin the 3rd), but eventually it was 2am and I still couldn't sleep. I left the room and went to the couch to try and sleep.

Now in this room there were many pictures of family members and whatnot on the wall. Nothing too out of the ordinary. But as I laid on the couch and tried to sleep, I kept feeling eyes were on me. This feeling grew to the point I had to open them...

When I opened my eyes it felt like every picture on the wall was staring down at me. It felt as though I was slowly floating into a hole with the pictures slowly disfiguring and turning into horrific looking images with evil intent. Before I could comprehend what was happening to me, the pictures on the wall began to speak. They were not in normal voices, but in distorted, angry, and ghastly.

These voices kept talking to me, telling me terrible things, saying that I need to die. The voices continued till the point I became so scared I ran back into the TV room and shut the door. Even if I opened it, they would look at me, and wait... as though at any moment they could leap from the frames and attack me.

Every since I left her house, every night the picture frames in any home began to do the same thing at night. They would disfigure, talk to me, and threaten me. I've seen black shadows out of the corner of my eye almost anywhere I go and felt sense of dread in certain areas.

It got to the point my family had to put away all the photo frames I would have possibly come across at night: kitchen, hallway, my bedroom, bathroom, ect. To this day I still practice not having pictures around me at night and don't know if they will talk to me now if I do so. But I'd rather not give them the chance to try.

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