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{Wonderland was created with simple intentions in mind -- wonder, magic, freedom and safety. There are 15 countries, each with its own ruler -- Alice, the Steampunk Queen; Cheshire (but his country's forbidden and deserted, since there doesn't seem to actually be a Cheshire to rule it); the Red Queen, the Gothic Queen; the Queen of Hearts, the lolita queen of love; the White Queen, the medieval queen of purity and healing; the White Knight, the king of protection; the Mad Hatter, the Patchwork King; the Dormouse, the queen of the valley; the White Rabbit, the Queen of the Wildlands; the March Hare; the Carpenter, the Construction King; the Knave, the Thief King; the Blue Caterpillar, the King of Scholars; Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the kings of entertainment.

Though the various guards throughout the world do their best to keep the people and cities safe, there are some dangerous places in Wonderland. Jubjub Mountain is home to the Jubjub birds, which are hostile and territorial -- few survive climbing their mountain. Unoccupied caves aren't as empty as they seem, as the Bandersnatch hide from the light there -- and if you get too close to them without the protection of light, they'll snatch the soul right out of your body.

Oh, then there's the Jabberwocky, but I don't know where her cave is either. But I'll find out some day.

I'm Victoria Row, third generation daughter of Alice Row, Wonderland's queen of queens, and while most of the rest of my family's returning to their Earth lives, I'm staying behind this time to find out what else the automatons are protecting the people from.}
Victoria turns off her Mirror -- the tablet-like device so rare in Wonderland that only fifteen existed, and each of the fifteen royal families had one. So rare that she's not allowed to touch it when her family's around, because others need it more. But they're gone, and she's alone in Wonderland, with only the castle automatons to keep her company. She lets the Mirror fall out of her hand and beside her onto the bed, rolling onto her back and closing her eyes, listening. All that can be heard are the footsteps of the automatons, the steam through the pipes, and the ticks of the clocks. Not a single living soul inside the castle.

She opens her eyes and grins. Finally, today's the day she begins her adventures.

She rolls off the bed, darting to her dressing room. Most of the clothes that hang in the room are dresses suitable for a royal, perfect for balls and making a good impression. And she never protested wearing them, she does like her dresses. But skirts aren't suitable for adventures, so she turns away from them all now, walking over to the much smaller selection of much more practical clothes. While her dresses are made of the finest and most beautiful fabrics, these clothes were made of the sturdiest. She changes out of her simple white night dress and into brown pants made of a fabric similar to corduroy, slim fitting and easy to move in while still being comfortable. She pulls on a leather corset tunic with shoulder straps three fingers wide, and my brown leather boots that button up in the front.

The clothes were as far as her preparations went though, and she's just now realizing it. So she grabs the Mirror and puts it into her messenger bag with everything else before leaving the castle. Within Clockwork City's market, she wanders the market stalls and shops until she finds everything else she needs -- a dagger with a sheathe that straps to her thigh and a leather utility belt with places for a handful of small vials, metal loops, and a leather bag attached at her opposite hip. The bag wasn't very big, but it was big enough to hold her Mirror, map, and a fairly small thing that looked like a closed up compass, and that was enough. Once she's done with her shopping, she stops by just long enough to get a stuffed roll for lunch -- and then her adventure will officially begin.

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