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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Vincent (played anonymously)

"This place is strange. So cold, so...lifeless, at first glance.

To your relief and/or horror, this twisted urban landscape soon reveals its eccentricities to you.

The city comes alive in the light, moving and breathing, changing shape, shifting its landmarks so you can't make heads or tails of where you're at, and a hungry, heartless creature prowls the street. Clever and cruel, it can take on the form of anyone it pleases.

If you have magic or post-1960's tech on you, it's gone now. Er...not quite gone- you can feel your magic thrumming at your fingertips, the comforting weight of your cellphone in your pocket -but you can't use any of it. It's all locked away, sealed by a force you can barely fathom. Your magic can't be released. Your power-armor is just dead weight. Your cybernetic arm sort of works, you can move it. Hold things, but barely, and whatever gizmos you've attached to it are kaput.

On the bright side, you're not alone. You stumble across other people- all of them as lost as you are. These strangers hail from all different worlds, different corners from the infinite stretches of reality. Some had the luck to be dragged in together from the same place, but for the most part, the only common thread between the lot of you are two pressing goals: survive and escape."


Hi! It's been awhile since I've posted here.

Recently, I got to thinking about an old concept of mine- the one that actually drove me join RPR in the first place, and have decided to dust it off and run it in a legit group. We're currently accepting new members for the group, A Town To Die For.

Some notes:

- You apply as your character!
- Multiple characters allowed: each one must be applied for individually so they can all be checked.
- Most RP genres allowed- this setting toys with the concept of a multiverse, with this ancient, eldritch abomination snatching victims from all corners of reality, allowing for a wide variety of characters to join in on the fun.

Ask me all the questions you want, and please apply to join us here.
Magic 30%
Some magic. Few can use it, but most of the players probably won't have it. Magical characters will likely believe that they are all alone.
Technology 40%
Industrial revolution
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 20%
Romance isn't outright desired, but can happen if we decide the characters are perfect for each other. The romance won't be important to the overall plot.

Details: Occasional dice use, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played with a large group of players.

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"You need an invite to apply to join this group." So, shall we just ask for an invite in this post?
Vincent (played anonymously)

PorrainianPontiff wrote:
"You need an invite to apply to join this group." So, shall we just ask for an invite in this post?

Uh, shoot. Sure, you go on ahead and I’ll invite you. I’ll try to update the group’s settings to make sure applications are fully open; thanks for letting me know!

Edit: Alright, I found the setting I needed to change so applications should actually be open.

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