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Kiera Breoslaigh (played anonymously)


I am in a group and my character plays a bard. She makes a lot of connections, and sometimes they are more than an acquaintance, but certainly not a friend. I'd very much like to suggest an option to title the connection name ourselves. That way, the individual character can connect to someone with meaning, but the meaning is specific to the character or game.

I hope this makes sense, please lets me know if you need examples.

Kiera The Bard.

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Sanne Moderator

Hi! You can already customize connection names on your character's profile! :)

When you add the Connections widget, all you have to do is click on it to open. Underneath each type of connection, there's an input field labeled "Title for friends/acquaintances/romances/enemies/family". It'll override the default title.

Hope that helps!
Kiera Breoslaigh (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Oh-oh! I had no idea. Thank you for this, yes it fixes all the things. <3 Thank you, Sanne! Should I delete the thread?
Sanne Moderator

No problem! The thread can stay up, that way if anyone else has the same question and searches the forums, they can find the answer too! :D

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