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John Bullock (played by Major_payne25)

The year is 2045... 10 years ago after increased tensions with China the United States officially went to war... but it was not conventional nor did it lass longer than a day... Nuclear warheads were launched and detonated across the globe destroying much of the population... our story begins in a destroyed American city... crumbling skyscrapers and tattered suburbs are the only husks of any structure from the old world... how will your character survive during these trying and uncertain times?
Gambit nods to the guard as she leaves the base "Hey Gambit where are you going" she glances over "just to the trading hub" The man laughed and shook his head as he turned back to his post and greeted the people entering the base. Gambit's long hair was was in high pony showing off her bright blue eyes. Her small frame was hugged by a white shirt and ripped skinny jeans that showed off how tone and muscular her small body was. She finished off the look with a pair of old cowboy boots and her lucky ka-bar on her hip. As Gambit slowly made her way to the old air hangers and wooden lean-to style buildings in the middle of the bustling hub with other with locals, soldiers off dutty, and travelers. She tucked her dog tags into her shirt before ducking int the local bar called Jackson's. A few people smiled and waved but many men learned the hard way when she was at Jackson's Gambit was to not be disturbed. She took a stool to the counter and a mug of beer was set down almost as quickly by the nice old bartender who gave her a soft smile "Look who is back, no fighting tonight, lost 3 cues to you last time" Gambit let out a laugh "she slid a small pouch with 5 shotgun rounds in it toward the man "let call it even, seems this place has doubled in the last 8 months" He laughed like she was a small child "It seems that way since they be doing the jet training here, all them girls come to find a military man, and get those rations" he nodded toward some rather scandalous girls sitting on young boys laps. She turned back to the man "And the scavengers come looking for parts and weapons in the wood and in the market" Gambit shook her head and smiled the man wandered away to help others hollering for drinks. Gambit's eyes glanced around landing on different people wondering what they were all up to as she noticed the man sitting next to her.
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

John had sat across from gambit not even glancing at her as he dropped his bag next to him as the bartender came over he just looked at them and said “shot of your finest..” and handed over a box of 25 7.62 rounds over to them as they took it and walked off to get hit join looked at gambit and set his hat on the table “this seat taken?” He asked bluntly
Gambit's attention was drawn away from the person next to her who seemed to be falling asleep and instead to her other side where a man was stood asking about the empty seat. She shook her head softly as she examined every inch of him"Nah, all you bubby" she quickly scolded herself for saying buddy that wasn't even a word she used, she was tired and slipping something awful today.
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

“Thanks...” John sat down and looked at her “so what’s your story?”
A soft smile crossed her face and she batted her long lashes at him "well, I'm just working as a secretary trying to find a husband" the old bartender let out a chuckle as he set another beer in front of Gambit and leaned into the new guy "if she is a secretary then I am a nun, That's an ace you're sitting next to, boy" he shook his head at Gambit and walked off. Gambit stuck out her tongue at the old man's back before turning to look at the new guy "names Gambit, I fly planes, that's my whole story"
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

“I’m John I’m a Merc that’s pretty much it for me” he said with a light chuckle “I’m new around here what exactly is this place?” He asked with a raised brow
She raised an eyebrow at him "this is the Hub last big trading post before the Rockies or what is left of them, also the thin air is better for the military jet training program" she nods to the soldiers milling around drunk "We don't get many of your kind here, normally you all seem to stay out west, who you lookin for?" there was a bit of a southern draw that tinged her words, almost making the deadly girl almost sweet.
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

“No one in particular... But let me give you a piece of advice... so long as there’s two people left on this earth someone is gonna want someone dead...” he said with a smirk “so I just gotta find who wants who outta the picture and then Get it done...”
with another long swig of beer Gambit listened to John's words "I guess you are right, its animal instinct to kill those who threaten us," she whips out the knife on her hip and swings around to a man looking as if he was going to interupt the conversation "Keep it moving" the man looked like a scared puppy and whimmpered off back to his group of buddies as she plunged the old knife into the wood of the bar countertop. "Do I look like those bimbos seriously" she slamed back the rest of her beer still eyeing john
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

“Ha... people are so uncivilized...” John eyed her up and down “you ever considered being a mercenary?”
she twisted the knife in the bartop. "Nah, I few planes before and I've been flying for 10 years but it is getting rather dull theses days they want me to be a trainer" she pulled the knife up and put it back on her belt.
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

“You don’t seem to have very much patience... I’d be surprised if even 1 of your students lives through your training let alone graduate
Gambit shrugged "You might be right I would probably kill one or two before we got off the ground, So sell me on this career change" she messes with the empty beer glass in front of her
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

“Well everything’s on your time... the better ya do the more you can ask for and the more ya get paid... you get to look like a soldier without having to follow the same rules... you get to be always moving and of course you already have this but once you really make a name for yourself... you enter a room and people question if you’re there for them...”
"My name is already known, It's more like I want to disappear for a while, be unknown" he eyes seem a bit distant as she talks, she is small but beautiful she could have been so many things before the war but now she just fought to live free and not use her body like most women. "Speaking of who are you here for?" she tilted her head sideways
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

John slightly nodded to a guy near the back “kid stole some ammo from a client... I’m to kill him and get it back...” he smirks “then I just move on to the next area...”
She shrugged "Sounds simple enough, oh and he passes out around 2 in a room on the left side of the inn" She gave him a wink "I never liked him anyways"
John Bullock (played by Major_payne25) Topic Starter

“Thanks” John said before leaning closer to her “you’re welcome to join me when I skip town...” he said with a wink
She shrugs "I'll meet you by the big Tree in the center of the hub tomorrow with my answer, sound fair?" she cocked her head to the side

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