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Hellooo all! I have returned to the Looking for RP forum in search of a 1x1 RP. I recently created a character Maddie and would love to have some character development for her. When I say character development, I don't really mean a big change in character or heart, I mean more I want to flesh out her profile, and come up with some likes and dislikes, potential backstories and personality quirks through RP!

I will only do Semi Para, I'm sorry I used to do one liners in the past and if you still have a RP with me that includes one liners then you are fine! But I get a limited amount of satisfaction with one liners and really prefer Semi Para so that I can get everything I need to say into it. No smut. I do not roleplay explicit 18+ because I think it makes things awkward if you ever meet that person again in another RP. I will do almost any genre. My personal favorites right now are romance and sci-fi. I haven't RPed much sci-fi so if we do that, don't get angry at me please, but I would really like to try and get better at RPing sci-fi. FxF or MxF are both fine in romance. It is important to note that I am only able to respond to RPs about once a day. If this isn't ok with you, then it's perfectly fine, just please don't respond. If you are interested please PM me! Thank you for reading this and have a great day~

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

Hey! I would love to do this kind of rp!
toot wrote:
Hey! I would love to do this kind of rp!

Hey! Shoot me a PM with the character you'd like to use and I'll get back to you! Also, make sure to read my profile as there is a lot of information about me on it.
    hey please check out my character and see if you would be interested in roleplaying

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