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Mindy Sal (played by RachKirk)

  • So let us start this off sweetly with some rules:
  • 1) I don't mind if you write paragraphs, but I don't care to write them at all. I may once in a while feel like it, but for most part I will just write 1-4 sentences.
  • 2) I don't mind first person, third person or mixed.

  • Now to what I am looking for:
  • 1) Men/Women/girls/boys
  • 2) Innocent roleplay

  • How to start her:
    This is her backstory, but because this is in all ages I will be the child version so please check her profile for info on her.
    Also please check out her profile for info on Mortons and Sorbians.

    Mindy Sal is an Alien girl called Mortons who are from planet Landia. Her planet was taken over by Sorbians from planet Zoi. She escaped her planet along with a few others to go to other planets to seek help or hide, one Mindy ended up at is Earth. She landed there and took notice how people look making herself match them, on earth and her planet she is only eight, the aging is similar except she lives longer then Earthlings. She is wondering the streets looking for food, shelter, and just over all safety, Earth is a planet learned about many years ago on planet Landia and Landians learn how to survive as humans did, which why things was easy to understand for her, at least at an eight year old level (with maybe a bit more knowledge.) As for family in Landia everyone was your family for they was different from humans in way they have children. Children are born from flower spores that grow into children which are then adopted by the whole town, these spores only activate once a year with one - ten children. The leader of them was always the child born with Red hair who would go to the castle of royalty to learn to lead.

    If you have an Q/A please ask <3
    If any changes happen to Mindy Sal I will try keep this updated to it.

Details: long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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