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Hey RPR!

I thought it would be best to ask first! My question is in two parts:

1. Where is it acceptable to promote non-RPR links (if it is acceptable at all)?
I would absolutely love to show off my HP forum, which is built on Jcink. I would also love to show you all my listing site that I've been working on, which is more of an OOC roleplay-related site.

2. Where on the forums would I post a topic to find out more about how roleplay works here at RPR?
The purpose of this would be to find out how my directory site could be best tailored to suit roleplay groups from RPR. What tags you might need, what information is important to you when you're looking to find a roleplay, and what you want people to know up front when they're browsing your listing. I have read through the documentation, but I'd love input from the community as well.

Thank you so much!
1 - The Looking for RP forum is the place. I just saw another one pop up within the last couple days for another off-site RP. And folks regularly recruit for their discord RPs there.

2 - There are 3 ways to RP here on RPR. Through Private Messages (usually for 1x1 or very small groups), through the IC forums (single thread RPs categorized into General, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi), or through Groups (which can each have an entire set of IC and OOC forums of their own. Great for multi-thread RPs or simply for limiting access to 18+ or 21+ if the RP will contain excessive profanity or other adult content.)

As for what I look for? I dunno. Depends on the day, I guess. XD Though I certainly appreciate knowing right away where the RP will take place. (Otherwise I assume it'll be here on RPR. I've gotten frustrated a few times with that assumption only to find out half-way into the planning and several days later that it'll be run off-site.)

If it's a group that's already going, I'm personally very hesitant to try to jump in the middle somewhere. Though if it's a genre I'm super interested in, I'd try to get over that hesitation and see if there is an obvious place for a new player to jump in without feeling like I have to read 15,000 pages of backstory (I exaggerate for effect. ;) )

I also like knowing the age range of the player-base. I'd go into a game with a different mindset knowing I was playing with teenagers vs adults.

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