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This is about a futuristic time where cities are now built differently after disease and natural disasters destroyed previous cities. This takes place at Sinton in the year 2087 where the city is filled with gangs and groups throughout the city.

Who you can be:
Your character can be anyone in the city like a teacher, songwriter, or bartender but you have to be in a mafia group. (The max mafia groups will be 3. I will be making one and the first two who want to name their own will be able to.)

What goes on in the mafia:
These groups all own a casino named after the group and this is where the group members will meet and hang out. each group has it’s different ways of earning money which could be from selling drugs, weapons, killing, etc.

Mafia rules in each group the rules are pretty similar which include:
•no killing other mafia group members unless told to by leader.
•no calling the police
•keep mafia secrets SECRETS
•never become friends with other group members
•protect your allies

(Side note: you’re allowed to have characters in each group if you want)

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Yukio_Okumura13 Topic Starter

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