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Ashleigh (played by XOuroborosX)

This is a land where faeries and humans coexist. Where magicians work in coffee shops and demons lurk in dark alleyways. Nymphs can occasionally be found at shyly waving at local swimming pools, and who knows where you’ll end up if you step in that puddle-

A fantasy realm that collides with normality. Humans, elves, fae, vampires, demons, werewolves, ghosts, magicians.. all welcome..

Join me.. if you dare...
Ashleigh (played by XOuroborosX) Topic Starter

Ashleigh stared out into the rain from the safety of her window seat. There was a storm and that meant trouble. Perhaps one of the weather witches had escaped from jail. Or maybe some poorly magician had slipped up during an enchantment. That was never good. Of course.. it could have always just been the weather. But that was unlikely. Wherever Ashleigh went, so did trouble. That was the price to pay for being a fae person. Her hair brushed lightly over her arms as she moved to place a tender kiss on her girlfriend’s forehead.

Quinn mumbled something and nestled closer into Ashleigh’s lap.

“Honey.” Ashleigh whispered tensely.

Ashleigh (played by XOuroborosX) Topic Starter

“Something’s up. I think a bad thing is about to take place.”

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