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Pi the Godforge (played by jpdelta)

The Godforge has crafted a new world and he is inviting mortals with the proper potential into his world to take the seats of his pantheon.

The god maker Pi has awakened once more, and he has done something he’s never done before, crafted a world.

For those who are unaware Pi is a strange entity with god-like capabilities who has been frequently known to take dying mortal entities and then turning them into god-like entities. Rumors persist that Pi is actually an artificial being created by an unknown race that has long since died. He is most well known for the entity Magnus, the Metal Defender. He's one of Pi’s first ”Forged” as he refers to them. Between creating gods he goes into a state of dormancy where he is not interactable with.

But now his he has awoken again and has a new dream of a world populated by his ’Forged’ his many gods who rule and create a fantastic world.

I welcome anyone to message me and make a request to join the pantheon, I'm only excepting people for greater deity roles but everyone is welcome.

Come join the drama of the gods and add your own glorious story. OC Characters Prefered. All questions welcome, hell even just stop by to say hi I love new friends!!!

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Pi the Godforge (played by jpdelta) Topic Starter

Already have two gods, hope more people will be interested.

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