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This is the OOC thread. For the LFRP thread, click here!

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn. The formerly nefarious witch, Liliane Black, has found that her children are missing. However, this is no ordinary fairy tale. Recent evidence has come to light that they have not only been misplaced, but forcibly taken by a corporation known as Frost Enterprises, and for what? Who’s to say. There’s only one thing she knows for certain:

Something much bigger here is at stake.

Operation: Deadlock is a group of friends and acquaintances for hire who are being paid a generous sum to assist Liliane in her search. Once Aurumor and Argentis have been found and are returned to their rightful place under their mother’s wings, thanks will be said, debts will be paid, and the team disband once and for all.


Every known past and present member of Operation: Deadlock.

Anyone can apply as long as they have something to contribute to the team. It doesn’t matter if you’re famous, obscure, revered, or outlawed; if you’re willing to help find two missing kids and get paid for it, you have a place here.

Want to give the team a try, but afraid to commit if things go sour? No problem! Team positions are flexible and won’t be permanized until the middle of Over Frozen Hills, after which there will be no turning back for a while.

This is a temporary position. After the campaign is over, each character will be monetarily reimbursed for every chapter they’ve participated in and the team will disband.

Known Members
Liliane Black
Durian Rottinghause
Seravolerios Eldreanore

Known Associates
Eugene Bones

Pending Operatives
Cassandra Jones

Retired Operatives


Everything the team has uncovered so far will be listed here. This information can be used IC.
More will be added as new information is discovered!

Where are Aurumor and Argentis?
As of now, Aurumor and Argentis are supposedly being held prisoner by Frost Enterprises.

What is Frost Enterprises?
Frost Enterprises is a corporation specializing in the fairly new industry of cryosleep technology.

Who is Gabriel Frost?
Gabriel Frost is the CEO of Frost Enterprises.

(Playby is Sasha Roiz)


Cold Arms
To be added!

Freight Flight
To be added!

The Undervaults
To be added!

Over Frozen Hills
To be added!

To be added!


…Seeking members!

- - - - -

So pleased to meet you, now you know my name.
Mother, destroyer, yeah, one and the same.
Mr. Preacher, time to give up the throne.
I'm the master now, damn, it's good to be home.

- - - - -

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...Durian Rottinghause has joined the operation!
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...Bramble has joined the operation!
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...Seravolerios Eldreanore has joined the operation!

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