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Ahma Akamine (played by Aeipathy)


The time has come for 1-A to take their class trip! Aizawa announced that this year they would be going to Okinawa, and staying at a resort there. Of course, he warned that there would be training, but even that wasn't enough to make the students' spirits come crashing down.

Ahma Akamine was not sharing the excitement, and it was obvious. She dreaded going back to that island. And for a good reason, too.

Little to the students' and teachers' knowledge, the gang of villains that haunted Ahma's past returned, and just in time for 1-A's arrival. Upon hearing this, Ahma sneaks away into the night, desperate in order to save her childhood home from the repition of history, and finally, after all these years, get her revenge. Will your character chase after her? Will they stop her, or will they join her?

Hello! I am Aeipathy~

Above is the plot I would like to use for this roleplay of mine! I'm looking for another OC (preferably male), or someone willing to do an OC x CC double up for it! Romance is a must, though that can be discussed more in the PMs.

I am a literate to novella writer, averaging about 5 paragraphs per post when given enough to work off of. I will match the length of my partner, but I would like at least one or two paragraphs her reply. I would also like a partner who is fairly active, and patient, seeing as how I may not reply right away (though I try). Anyways, please message me if you are interested!


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I would like to do this
Ahma Akamine (played by Aeipathy) Topic Starter

The Undertaker wrote:

Hello! Are you interested ^^

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