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Heyo everyone, I've opened up my commissions and I'm looking to do some neat stuff.

In order to purchase art from me you must be 18 years of age or older!


For the time being, I'm going to be hosting a referral program! I don't have very many watchers yet on my new DA, so if YOU refer someone for a commission and they purchase from me, you get a point. 3 points gets you a dood, 5 points gets you a cheeb, and 10 points gets you colored linework. I highly doubt there will be points beyond that, but if that happens I'll be sure to come up with something neat for you!

You can find more of my work @ ! I stream art too, so if you'd like to watch I can do that.

Looking into getting a tooth pulled and would greatly appreciate any funds towards that.

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Marie Topic Starter

Designs for sale:
$25 obo. $35 gets you a headshot.

$15 Obo!!

YCH for Sale:

Wolves -

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