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Hello! I am an artist and hoping to start role playing here as well.

You can call me Ocly by Raven.

Here are a couple SFW examples. For a more exhaustive list of past works/prices you may dm me on discord or here.



my starting price is 55 per full bodied character. This price does not change with the small additions of various small scales for certain species, tails or ear additions only.

I hope to finish up my characters art this weekend and begin roleplaying here. I've heard many good things!

I am also on Twitter as RuthlessArt

Thank you all.

<3 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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RuthlessRaven Topic Starter


hmmm.. Guess I need to figure out forum embedding it has been awhile lol.

my discord is RuthlessRaven#0669 as well, my preferred method of contact.
Image urls need to end in .jpg .gif or .png

Just as a heads up.

Also that beach pic is super adorable.

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