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I hope this is the right place for this, I want to talk about an rp plan I'm working on

RP shyness! Many people have suffered from it! It can be hard to just approach a person and say hey would you like to rp with me, go on some wild adventure?

So my solution, I am attempting to work up a tavern/inn setting for traveling fantasy/adventure as a revolving door space for ocs to come and interact with the three ocs I will be running there, or meet up with another person's character if you were lacking a space to meet or maybe you just want to try out a new character in a one off. I hope to provide a place though not just for one off rps but for people to come back over and over and explore the lore of the people and the land.

Here is a little sneak peak at the set up for the inn named The Drowned Siren


The ocs who I'm still working on the art for and will hopefully get their sheets up soon are

Sebastion who is the proprietor of the Siren, he walks with a stiff leg helped along by a cane. He always has an ear free to listen to your woes while he pours you a drink.

Loriia a happy though somewhat clumsy young woman who is the goddaughter of Seb. She has a special talent for predictions which I plan to run through a sheet I am developing and dice rolls

Aerhode the forgemaster who seems to always be tinkering away at something, he sells wayfarer charms and trinkets to passing travelers, reshoes horses who have flung a shoe or two, repairs wheels from wagons and the such

(if this really takes off and I need help managing it I may look for people to be "hired" as staff for the inn like a chef)

The Drowned Siren

I am going to be working up a character sheet of it's own for the Siren

-The siren has 6 rooms for resting, two on the main floor, 4 on the upper floor.

-There is a living space attached to the kitchen where Sebastion stays when the inn has travelers resting in it, when not he stays in the cottage with Lor and Aerhode

- I am planning to write up a seasonal menu for the inn so people can know foods to order

- I will have rules of conduct for the inn, like no starting fights with others for no reason (please agree upon conflicts with each other do not just assault another oc)

- I will have a rough map for the area as the inn sits at a fork in the road for a main merchant road one fork leads along to a coastal road to coastal cities, another into forest into the mainland (rumor has it there was once an ancient eleven kingdom in that forest)

Down the road from the Siren there is the farming village of Grenwel where they get the majority of their produce for their food and drinks, wine provided by the winery, food from the farms, the inn is a popular spot for the farmers to go and get a drink after working all day.


Please tell me how you feel about this and if you'd be interested in my project when it goes live.

I'm planning to post it on looking for rp and maybe making a group for it when I figure how groups work out

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