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Halloween was the only time when the units of the Shadow-Ops were allowed to publicly display themselves among the people who trick or treat, as the high-tech armor and suits they wear can be considered "Costumes". Specialist A-0792, or "Scarecrow", seems to enjoy this day. Halloween seemed to plant a special place in the Specialist's heart, which is why most in Shadow-Ops think the name and appearance of "Scarecrow" were birthed from a love of Halloween. Every year on this day the Shadow-Ops would hold a special event, filled with lots of candy, games, and the possibility to recruit more into the Shadow-Ops. Games were expertly crafted to show a test of skill, whether it be accuracy, strength, or physical strength. The entire event took place in a field, where Scarecrow and a few other Specialists would spend a week building the area for the event, without any civilian noticing until the day the event was held. The 2 other Specialists with Scarecrow, who were Specialist "Outlaw" and Specialist "Voidwalker", were in charge of creating the area for the event while Scarecrow was in charge of finding and purchasing hundreds of King Size candy bars, as everyone knew to bring people over to your Halloween event/house, you need the best candy. Eventually, everything was set up. The decorations and wood used to create this event perfectly matched with the field they used, and all the lights could be seen from at least half a mile away!

"What is this... Halloween?" Voidwalker would ask, the mechanical whirring of its head-turning left and right to observe the event barely audible unless you were next to it. Being a Combat Android, it didn't know much, but being a Combat Android fused with Eldritch technology, it didn't know much but Eldritch history and language, which would be said aloud if the robot was malfunctioning or on the fritz. The man next to Voidwalker, who was Outlaw, wearing a cowboy hat and some type of metal face covering, sighed. "Halloween is the holiday to get free candy, wear stupid costumes, and give children nightmares," he said, his voice scratchy and a little aged. As he told Voidwalker this he was looking at the chamber of his .500 S&W Magnum, having to load rubber bullets into it for one of the games they made, which involved shooting cans with the harmless bullets to knock them over, and win prizes. A rather stupid idea to use HIS revolver "Why do they do these things?" the robot added before they noticed that the gate to their event has been opened. And the night has officially begun

(I tried :P)
Damien had decided to contain his boyfriend, Flynn, tonight by taking him out trick or treating. He smiled as he walked down the sidewalk, having made himself a knight costume for himself and helping Flynn with his skeleton costume. "Flynn what are you doing?" He asked when Flynn grabbed his arm and pulled him to shooting game.

"You are a god when it comes to shooting things, plus you look nice when your focusing on something." Flynn said, not wanting to admit that he may want one of the plushies on display. "Plus, your older then me so its your job to win me prizes." He chuckled, knowing he didn't really have to try to convince Damien to win him a plush.

Damien shook his head, looking to Outlaw. "How do I win one of the stuffed animals?" He knew thats what Flynn wanted so why not give it a try. He grabbed the back of Flynn's shirt when he tried walking off, not wanting the younger boy to get in any sort of trouble.
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"Shoot the cans down. Get all 3 of them down in less than a second, and you can get the grand prize" he said, looking at the pair. Without saying anything else, Outlaw turned around. "Observe" he said, before quickly drawing the revolver he had stuffed with rubber bullets, and, like a professional gunslinger, he fired 3 consecutive rounds, which all lined up with the cans perfectly, making a soft "plink" noise as all 3 cans were hit. He turned around once the cans were down, as they slowly made their way back to place using a metal stand. "Think you got what it takes, kid?" Outlaw asked, spinning the revolver in his hand so he gripped the barrel, leaving the handle of the .500 S&W Magnum to Damien. There were 3 shots in the revolver, and the shots are what you were allowed to use
Damien smiled softly. "I can handle that." He took the revolver, looking at the cans. He tried not to laugh as Flynn made a goofy serious face, pushing Flynn away some. "If you want a stuffed animal you better stop, I need to pay attention!" He looked at the cans again, raising the revolver and firing, his arm staying steady as he shot each one. He knew he hadn't done it in under a second but his speed was still better then if most picked up a gun and tried. He looked at the gun in his hand, finding the gun interesting.
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"Good shot kid. But I've seen better" Outlaw said, as he pointed at the various plushies on a wall. "Your pick" he said, as he looked at him with a nod. While this was happening Scarecrow would just be simply passing King-Sized candy bars
Damien looked to Flynn, letting him chose the plushie. He followed Flynn's gaze. "The puppy one please." He gave a small chuckle. Of course Flynn would go for the dog. He set the revolver on the stand, trying not to laugh as Flynn did his 'skeleton dance' which was just the floss. "You are extremely goofy tonight..."

Flynn gave a smile, continuing to floss. "Thank you." He glanced around, wondering if there was any of the games he could try. With his specialty being daggers he knew the shooting games were of no use to him and he wanted to get something for Damien.
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Outlaw took the revolver, reloading it quickly before sticking it in his holster, before grabbing the plush dog and handing it to him. "Happy Halloween" he said, turning away. There was nothing related to knives or daggers, as they were to dangerous
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