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I've been trying to make a new character, a Vigilante in modern day. I'm having a few issues creating her persona, her alias. I was trying to create something unique but the more I look into Vigilante character archetypes, the more I see that's very difficult work. Sure there's the off-coat ones like Kick-Ass and The Green Hornet, other ones who just fight crime for fun and kicks, for the thrill, but I want a reason... I was thinking maybe her family abandoned her during the midst of violent riots, where the threat of death by government hand loomed ever present, and under the distraction of chaos, criminals, freaks and marauders found their playground. But I'm not too sure about that after laying in bed and playing Spelunky for five hours straight.

Any suggestions? Anything from weapons, to fighting style and even hero names. I was thinking "The Savior" and she uses non-lethal chemical weapons and riot suppression gear. But I'm VERY open to ideas that, if not implemented into THIS character, may be implemented into a later one in the same universe.

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