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Welcome to my roleplay-check! Have a seat, will you?

Hey there! My name is Nesy! I'm 15 years old. I'm pleased to meet you! Let's get into the roleplay section, shall we? So my experience with roleplaying ranges back since I was 13 years old. So, I roleplay with anybody actually! Despite your age, gender or whatever. Everyone is welcome otherwise! My roleplaying can be battle-oriented but of course, I'm a huge sucker for battle! But that doesn't matter because I am adoring to hear new ideas anyway. I love being friends and communicating with people as well!

What are you capable of in roleplay?

-- My capabilities are that I am adaptive to your length of roleplaying: Up to 10 paragraphs. Third person roleplay. But I do not mind if you play 1ST person while I play differently. As long as it is narrative then it'll work just fine. I actually tend to balance quality and length depending on your preference to an extent.

-- Character creation is quite decent actually when it comes to backstory and personality. I'm very flexible with my plots and can always bend them or twist them while in roleplay or outside of roleplay! I also love worldbuilding, nation-building or even universe building. I'm the right partner for that. If you're new in this site (whatever to be honest) and unsure about whenever to pick me or not, just let you know that I'd love anybody to roleplay with me and it all depends on what ideas you bring forth. I'm an MXM/MXF player basically, I usually play male characters while I do not mind collaborating on NPC's and all that. My grammar and spelling are decent but is a little troublesome since I'm Swedish and uh it ain't my native language.

-- I can also double OC's or even play 4 characters at once. I don't do self-insert characters and I do not play myself as that's just odd okay, the reason they have the same name in my ideas is that there are different versions of my characters with the same name but their personality and backstory are entirely different. If you want me to create a different character with a similar personality, I'd love that.

-- I'm mostly a dude who plays a protagonist but I do not mind playing a supporting character to my main or to both of ours, I don't mind what you would play and it's all up to you as well. However, if you find my ideas uninteresting I am absolutely open to hear your ideas or make them together. Just ask me anything, I may accept it.

-- I don't bite, lol.

Roleplay requirements / What do I expect from you as a writer.

-- One paragraph at least(4-5lines). (Semi-literate) -> or above.
-- Grammar and punctuation mistakes are fine! I do them too, just have a basic grammar as a minimum requirement.
-- Just abide by the site rules I guess?

Any notes about me?

-- I am borderline advanced in my roleplay with some minor inconsistent characteristics that is only limited to punctuation issues(Mostly commas) but it's still very readable and I'm still improving.

-- I may be busy once in a while but I will respond eventually. You could respect daily and hourly responses depending on the roleplay. I'm quite active, lol.

-- LBGTQ+ friendly

-- Romance is limited to (MXF) but for MXM you can do something else then romance and I'm willing to take you in.

What platforms do I roleplay in?
-- In PMS
-- On threads
-- On discord
-- In google documents. (A new thing I found, it could be fun!)

What are my interests/What genres do I like?

-- Lovecraftian / Eldritch
-- Magic
-- Ancient
-- Science-fiction
-- Science fantasy
-- High-fantasy / Low-Fantasy
-- Horror -- (I started to crave it less and feel bored of it lol)
-- Action
-- Adventure
-- Isekai
-- Campaigns
-- Deities/Witchcraft
-- Romance (Doesn't have to be a romance if you don't want to)
-- Mythology
-- Politics
-- Overpowered abilities/Characters
-- DnD
-- NRP (Nation-Roleplaying)
-- Economics too.




Unnecessary gore. (Real-life gore)
Unnecessary violence. (Real-life violence that involves serious stuff.)

Roleplay plots

Of course, I would try out your ideas or merge or brainstorm! But if you want an idea yourself, I'll hand you over them!

Additional plots. Just random Chad-move plots I made if you want inspiration.

I am always up for brainstorming and never hesitate to try out new ideas! Thank you very much for reading, those are the plots below that might be interesting, or if you want to do your own with me which is fine.

-- A bit of a question I got:

Why does the plots revolve around Nesy, is it because he is special and only him?

Didn't I state to you I was OPEN, to new changes? My friend, this is not your fault but you need to read this: "Nesy." is not the same character, he's different across many universes with the same name and has a differing personality. I think you're being a little too spicy, both of our characters can be special. I specifically say that it's to make us both love it instead of one person having to do all the damn work! So, don't think of it that way. For example, Nesy is a hero meaning you can also be a hero or something like that. However, I am sending these ideas so we could resolve a better idea from them, those are plots that could be used but at the same time can be DEVELOPED into something better, improvise and strategise! That is important in roleplay!

Crimoa's desire

The world of Crimoa is a world where there are no humans because they went extinct due to a massive civil war that destroyed the humans. Nothing left of them and there are only other races that used to roam around in symbiosis as every nation in the world united in the desire for eternal peace. The humans of course because of the desire for racial supremacy was a big threat and the humans advocated it at that time. The first civil war happened a very long time ago, to such extent as to everyone forgetting about it because all documents of it were erased due to it being burnt down because to cover their extinction up, so that dark times like these will never be remembered. Why did they cover it up? It's a mystery to be told.

However, dark times have arisen yet again because some rulers have become corrupt in the pursuit of money and power. Corruption leads the nation to a new leader that was coronated because the previous leader was assassinated by corrupt officials in the pursuit of power and money. Individual freedoms have been taken away and riots and protests ran rampant across the entire country and the leader was overthrown and gotten into exile. The previous leader promised immortality, money and power if they joined his tyrannical reign which some people actually wanted too as they didn't trust their divided nation anymore. All of this was in the exchange of their souls to "The cultist union." but the other leader convinced the people that his/her pursuit of immortality was too violent because it required someone to spill blood.

The two nations ever since been fighting each other and it had since been going around back and forwards with no progress whatsoever because they were evenly matched. Due to the long-lasting war, a prophecy has been circulating around about someone who could turn the tides of the war. Who could it possibly be? And who will be responsible for carrying these actions?

(Explaining the plot) This roleplay idea consists of my character who got isekai'd into a different world from his and it's filled with non-humans. Your characters could be anybody! A king? Guide? Companion? A queen? A merchant, like seriously anything related to this setting. Multiple characters as well! You may discuss the idea with me in PMS and see what we can do.

Chronicles of terror: Those who slay evil.
The world is a dark place, a hope that lasted long has seemingly turned into a clash between two forces. attacks are common across the entire globe and they are under the rule of a sinister queen/lord who some people described her/him as: (Whatever character) along with her cult of followers that have been seduced, tricked or lost into her clutches. A world that has been once peaceful fell into massive chaos and blowouts littered everywhere with battlezones that stretches far beyond human comprehension. It's a dark age that's upon mankind and other races with it as well. The opposite forces to the ones trying to take over the world are the "The Alliance." which are formed by people who came together and united which made them declare war on the enemy of their nations.

While attacks happening and being dealt with inside of cities, The Alliance forces are trying hard to repel the forces that sought to slaughter everything in its way. Others grew up in these terrible conditions with caution and fear that everything they knew, loved ones and buddies would perish in front of their eyes. Most of them lost hope and succumbed to the fate of perishing. However, what if someone were able to turn the tide of the war and bring peace back again?

(Explaining the plot) This plot is about an evil figure who haunts this land basically, Nesy originated from a village, but got attacked and had to move somewhere else. Due to the terrible loss of his family and such he now lives alone, waiting for his time to strike. He wants to basically rally up a group of adventures / Or meet them in a particular way, perhaps just a companion or two. This is up to us to decide to be honest.

From Absolute Monarchy to Social Democracy. How a modern dude guided kingdoms to democracy.

In the lands of fairy tales and in the lands of myth, there were four kingdoms that were once divided into 20 countries. Those kingdoms united to form 4 kingdoms for unknown reasons; Saura , Ardogan , Xerota and Lynexia. A world war has broken out between the united countries which resulted in people that suffered in environments that were exhausting and almost impossible to bare during that period. The previous warlords were ruthless with the intention of only caring for themselves, had no regard to others. Once those warlords died, new leaders was born into this world which put everything into an uneasy stalemate. It lasted for many years indeed, while the lords along with the folk faced the fact this war was pointless, they declared a ceasefire as a response to these tragedies. Everything fell into a long-lasting peace, but that may not last for long as expected.

Now, "Social Democracy" or even politics are largely an unspoken topic in this world but most royals have heard the term "Democracy." before in their life but not Social Democracy. Of course people knew politics but such a foreign concept was unknown and also unspoken of. Let's say they didn't know exactly everything about politics of course.

(Explaining this plot) A regular isekai roleplay where Nesy ends up in a different world from his world, but this time it's more political oriented, battle and action can be included but also romance is optional just like any plot here. However, who you could be can be discussed in pms too!

(In this plot we can add what we want, it's just a cool isekai concept of building new things and introducing foreign concepts into a medieval world)


Rebellion in Alphina
The flames of rebellion engulfed Alphina because a new law that everyone despised. The rebels relied on guerilla warfare in the face of the government's overwhelming firepower, but the government's indiscriminate attacks caused a lot of collateral damage. The civilians were torn between rage at the tyranny of the regime and desperation to avoid further damage from the government's pursuit of rebels. A decades-long impasse was reached when the rebels gained control over the residential areas while the government held most of the resources. Even a tyrannical government needed regular people to grow its food and hold weapons.

Nesy grew up in the rebellion; raised by parents who were rebels who thought him about politics. The authorities later discovered Nesy's parents and wanted to capture them but Nesy fleed while his parents sacrificed themselves to save him, they hoped that he might be able to live on his own. He was in favour of social democracy because his parents were former politicians of the regime and that's why authorities captured them while letting their Nesy leave to take revenge because his parents sacrificed themselves to make a escape for him. Now, the downside is that the rebel groups are that they are unorganised, however, Nesy manages to stumble into one of them and they meet , perhaps Nesy and his potential friends can change the tides of the war for the good of humanity?

The rise of CelvSoc: In a magical fantasy world, an evil force had been trying to take over the world in a civil war but were stopped by a coalition of people. It was thousands of years ago and there had been minor conflicts that died down by the time the war was over. However, one day an alien being(My OC) had stumbled upon some lonely planet with all sorts of life to warn of a cataclysm that was coming. The evil forces had been brainwashed into an ideology called, CelvSoc which is advocated for a hyper totalitarian state. CelvSoc is an abbreviation of Celvestian socialism and it's definitely not real socialism cause obviously if you see for example Nazis or Ingsoc. They are much worse than that. Will the people take (My OC) Seriously or will they be tumbled down by the super evil state? A dark future or a bright future may await those who make the choices.
Magic 80%
Magic is common.
Technology 100%
Far future, perhaps galactic teleporters and fast terraforming
Combat 60%
Combat is woven into the storyline and could come to the forefront if the characters seek it out.
Romance 50%
Romance is desired but not required, and will balance evenly with other plot.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

I want to try RP?
NesyExecutive Topic Starter

USSR wrote:
I want to try RP?

Message me right away then.
brianna (played by nataliedevil2)

Ok so I want to RP, but I'm 13, don't have a phone, and I go back and forth from my parents houses, so while I can RP long term, I might not respond for a few days. If that doesn't meet your criteria, then I can find something else. I just love how open you seem to be with your RPs.

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