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Original Prompts | 2 Slots Left | OPEN
MERAKI (A.) | Greek
The soul, creativity or love put into something; The essence of yourself that is put into your work.

Hi there! I’m looking for friendly role-players who enjoy writing novella style responses (several paragraphs), playing multiple character and exploring lore heavy worlds. I've been really craving an adventuring party type role-play, where a group of character wander from place to place, get into all sorts of mischief and end up bonding as time goes on. Honestly, pretty casual in general but I did come up with some plots to lead us in a direction. Characters of any age, orientation, and gender are welcomed! I've been roleplaying on and off for about 8 years. On average, I write anywhere from 3 paragraphs to 8 paragraphs so I'm very used to reading/writing pages of text. I love to write and draw and I hope to publish my own work someday! I'm trying to stay in the habit of responding every day or every other day and I consider myself to be patience in regards to my partner's response time! My favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, and horror.

✦ Romance vs Platonic
I enjoy both and think both are important! I love platonic relationships. Especially ones with an older guardian figure who protects/guides a younger ward figure. Or two characters who treat each other as siblings is another great relationship. And honestly, sometimes the idea of two best friends who are there build each other up and who'd be willing to die for each other is just want my heart needs. In regards to romance, I think it should be something that develops as the story goes; sometimes two characters who might seem romantically compatible end up better as friends or even not getting along at all, so I don't want to push that narrative unless it's important to the plot. Speaking of plot, I'm not a huge fan of plots where romance is the entire focus; I'd rather sprinkle it in as needed rather than craft a narrative around it. Just my preference, it's cool if you like that!

✦ Multiple Characters
Honestly, write as many character as you feel comfortable working with. You don't have to role-play any characters (major, minor or NPC) that you don't want to. How I usually distinguished between character types; Major Characters are the main focus and each person plays their own respectively (so only the person who created them can control them). Minor characters show up a few times or at an important moment. NPCs are random characters that either of us could control as we need throughout the story. I think for this setting, I think each of us should limit our main adventuring party to 2-3 Main Characters on each player's side just so characters don't get lost in the fray!

✦ Who to Play
I'll either use one of my created characters or will create characters on the spot. I don't mind what your preference is for your side!

✦World Building
While I do love world building, I also understand that if it goes on for too long it could kill the initial excitement of the role-play for some people (you just want to get into writing, already!). So in this regards, I'll try to keep it as concise as possible and leave it as an optional topic for my partner. If you don't want to linger too much in world building, that is a-ok with me!

✦Please Place Effort Into Your Responses Some days may be shorter than others and that’s totally ok - I know some roleplayers write shorter responses and can still produce quality content. Thus, I don’t want you to stress out over your length. As long as you are trying your best, that’s all I can really ask for. But I feel like I should set up some sort of limit, so all I ask for as a bare minimum is one full paragraph (5-6 sentences).

✦Be Nice and Be Invested The most important rule for me when it comes to roleplaying is that we're having fun and if you or I aren’t excited about the roleplay, then it’s going to be a real downer. So all I ask is for a partner who is friendly, invested and contributes to the story. If I feel like I have to step on eggshells around you or if I feel like I am having to do all the work, then you're not the person I am looking for

✦Good Grammar is a Plus I am by no means a grammar nazi. I make plenty of spelling mistakes, so you don’t have to worry about me correcting you! All I ask is that you roleplay in third person and that you are trying your best when it comes to grammar.

✦No God-modding or OP characters With the exception to certain deities or monster NPCs, keep elements of your character’s traits and abilities within reason. You can make your character powerful and interesting, but don’t make them unbeatable.

✦Ask before you harm, capture or kill my characters| Major or minor character, its always good measure to ask what you had in mind and if it would be alright to do so. Generic NPCs may be an exception to this of course. Most of my roleplays aren't largely combat centered, but there will be times where it could happen! Just please be respectful of characters, that's all I ask.

Prompts: The Stories Waiting to be Told
The Young Gods | OPEN

Short Description: "An old six-faced god perishes under mysterious circumstances and leaves the world unprotected from the monsters it was keeping at bay for thousands of years. Soon these malicious creatures begin to find their way into the mortal world to enslave, torment or slaughter any mortal they can touch. But the god did not perish completely, it merely splintered into six pieces that bound each piece into an unlikely individuals. Now woven together by fate, these six young gods must find a way to ascend to godhood and become the world's new pantheon in order to save the realm from entities who will stop at nothing to destroy it. But they must be careful for they are only young gods. And young gods can still die."

Character Ideas:
- The Healer | Forgiveness, Kindness, Faith
- The Judge | Fairness, Wisdom, Discipline
- The Pathfinder | Charm, Ambition, Creativity
- The Guardian | Courage, Comfort, Trust
- The Hunter | Cunning, Tenacity, Patience
- The Executioner | Justice, Duty, Order

Genre: High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Quest, Slice of Life
Party Size: 6 characters
Notes: It wavers between High Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, as I feel things will become more corrupted later on.
Preferences: I have characters in mind who could fit any of these ideas (well, maybe except for the Executioner). As always, we can brainstorm together with your characters before hand.

Deep in the unknown places where men fear to tread, there is a chaotic realm known as Kafka (or The Above). An untamed dimension filled with nebulous wonder, Kafka is home to many deadly entities. From ravenous titans to vindictive witches to forgotten monsters on the prowl in the shadows. The only thing keeping these legendary fiends from ravaging the land of Isakar (or the Below) was the Six Faced God. The Weaver, as the deity is also known, protected the only path between the two realms.

This path, The God's Road, is a perilous journey between the two dimensions that borders space and time. It was designed separate both spheres; to keep humanity from the secrets of divine power while warding off the eternal entities who wished to dismantle the mortal realm completely.

The Weaver was the embodiment of both the Above and the Below; three faces were safe for mortals to look upon and three faces were feared by the immortal demons. This is what held balance and cosmic peace for thousands for years until, as violently as they were born, The Weaver's whole being raptured. Their six faces vanished deep into The Below. With the gates to the God's Road unprotected, it wasn't long before the monsters of the Above tore them down and began to wander along the dimensional path towards the unprotected Below. It began with the lesser fiends at first; small shadow monsters who feasted on mortal fear or lowly demons that bargained otherworldly knowledge for souls to steal. But it wasn’t long before Isakar transformed from its peaceful terrene to a terrible grimdark atmosphere. Crueler beasts found their way to the Below. Umbra witches poisoned the minds of kings with madness while leeches the size of dogs lay in wait in the river basins for the blood of unsuspecting villagers. But deadlier monsters have yet to arrive down the long road. And when they do, it will mean the eventual end of the mortal realm.

Yet, the fallen faces of The Weaver did not fade away completely for they buried themselves deep within the bones of six unlikely mortals. And as the seeds of godhood was planted inside them, these chosen six found greatness thrust upon them; their fates are forever deeply intertwined. How they choose to achieve such greatness as the Above's new pantheon of gods and goddesses is for them to decide. But such power must be earned. The gates must be closed. And the young gods must not perish.

The Young Gods begin their story in the hands of a religious cult known as The Eye of Madness. They have been taken prisoner within an underground temple where the cult is planning for a ritual to destroy the faces within our six heroes so that they can never ascend to godhood. Forced to work together to escape their prison, the young gods learn more about who exactly they’ve become. Each member is recognized by a mythical tattoo painted upon their body symbolizing which face they now belong to and what it symbolizes. Together, the tattoos act as a sort of map that not only allow them to grow and channel their powers as their journey advances, but they would lead them to the God’s Road where they could ultimately enter the Above.

Once their escape has been successful, the young gods’ first task is finding where their collective hive map leads them. This would send them on adventures all throughout Isakar where they must face all sorts of foul monsters, mad kings, infested cities, perilous dungeons and the dreaded cult who seeks nothing more than the severe their godly bond and destroy their mortal bodies. But the keys to opening the map lies within a reconnection of their godhood.

A series of tasks include cleansing temples, recovering lost artifacts, purging arcane monsters, and spreading belief of each face’s representation among the populous. The goal is that they growing progressively powerful throughout their adventures to eventually achieve some a status similar to that of demigods. Once they become powerful enough, they will be able to connect their collective map pieces and learn how to open the passage to the God’s Road.

The last step of their adventure is traveling the God’s Road and reaching the gates of the Above. Only gods can open and close the gate between the two roads and our group has not yet earned their power completely. Here their mortal bodies will slowly change into that of their godly forms, although their transformation will not be completed until their reach their full godhood.

Thus the young gods will have to go through the four layers of the Above to reach the womb of the universes, the fabled Terminus Tree. Here is said to be the birthplace of the Weaver and where great power finally awaits our young heroes to transform them into their true godhood.

The Call of Nern | CLOSED

Short Description: "A mystical realm is enslaved by a mad wizard when he destroyed its enchanted guardians. In an attempt to the dismantle the gemstone keys, which are magically drawn to breath life back into the guardians, the wizard cast a curse on the pieces. If mortal eyes were to look upon them, the keys would connect themselves to their flesh instead, killing them as well as the keys. But as six unlucky mortals gazed upon the strange gems, the shards that pierced their flesh did not kill them. While the gemstones caused them terrible deformities, it did granted the mortals strange powers in return. Drawn by a mysterious otherworldly call, the call of the keys of Nern, the mortals find themselves within each other company on a quest to resurrect the dead guardians who can stabilize the lost land and sever the wizard’s grasp completely."

Character Ideas:
- Amethyst | Ranger
- Sapphire | Mage
- Pearl | Knight
- Ruby | Rogue
- Emerald | Fighter
- Amber | Bard

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Quest
Party Size: 4 (up to 6) characters
Notes: Dark Fantasy, though not quite on Dark Souls level dark lol
Preferences: I could do any of these without any preference! Also, you can change the "gemstone" and "class" mentioned in this prompt to whatever you want to fit your character. These aren't set in stone and we can adjust anything for our needs!

Once upon a season, Nern was a vast and prosperous realm of mysterious beauty. The legends say that its streets were laid in pure moonstone, the poplar trees leaves shone like pearl and the sun never set within the capital city. And for generations, Nern was protect from all harm by the great guardians - The Pale Knight, The Minstrel of Amber Run, The Seer of the Azure Athenaeum, The Lilac Huntress, The Warrior of Jade Hall and the Bloodstone Blade. Each guardian possessed a gemstone key within them that could open or seal Nern.

But it's said that, within a single fortnight, an overwhelming slumber numbed the realm and cast it into a shimmering mist. The once prosperous kingdom vanished under a spell, never to be heard of again. Eventually, the land of Nern became nothing more legend and the world forgot about the kingdom of beauty and pearl.

Nern did not vanish. But was instead held prisoner by dark hands.

There was a wizard Phylox of The Larimar Order who learned how to control others through their dreams and nightmares. And through the power of dreams, he could create a dreamscape where he bring anything he wanted from the real world (or the realscape) or vice versa. As shadows gleamed over the ivory towers of Nern, the guardians rose forward to vanquish the wizard knowing of what he could unleash upon reality now that he had learned how to open gateways on his own. Phylox was weakened, but he could not be defeated - he destroyed the guardians by taking their essence so their physical bodies could do nothing else but crumble into dust.

But even Phylox knew these formidable foes could return to vanquish him. Unable to destroy their essence directly, he weakened them by grinding their keys to dust and scattering them into the realscape to be left at the mercy of the wind.

The gemstone dust was not lost, as Phylox had hoped. Instead the pieces found themselves among mortal eyes, six of whom could not blink them away. As softly as they had come, the enchantment of the gemstones grew more violent. The shards splintered inside their mortal hosts, causing painful disfigurements and disturbing oddities - the unlucky six who could not rid the grasp of the keys found themselves as half man/half gem creations who were quick to be shunned by their communities who feared them as carriers for some hideous plague crafted by Phylox.

Abandoned, the six found themselves within each others company and through hearing each other's experience, began to piece together the reasons for their burdens. Each of them can hear the same song, that others cannot; a song that appears to be drawing them out of the mist and deeper into the forgotten places where old ones stir and a hope of salvation can be found.

The Children of Dawn | OPEN

Short Description: “A goddess looks upon a young world and is disgusted by the growing wickedness and corruption. However, a curious earth spirit finds that five unlikely individuals who still remain pure of heart against all odds. In an effort to sway his mistress that there is still some good in humanity, the trickster spirits turns memories into magic and blesses each of the five with strange gifts. He instructs the chosen five that if they wish to be spared from his mistress’ wrath, they are to take these gifts of lost knowledge and journey to a world known as the Everdawn, where they can remind the goddess of pinnacle moments of humanity.”

Character Ideas:
- Hope
- Kindness
- Freedom
- Valiance
- Wisdom
- Additional Virtue (Optional)

Party Size: 5 (maybe 6) characters
Notes: We can add an additional virtue if you want it to be even on both sides!
Preferences: I can play any virtue! I have characters specifically for Kindness and Hope, but those aren't set in stone. We can definitely work some roles around to fit your own preferences.

In the first dawn of a new world, before mankind was vast across the earth, the mortal races co-existed upon a small landmass known as Ardunia. A beautiful oasis, its first ancestors were blessed by the Crimson Mother, a goddess mankind called Enya. And for generations, the flourishing valley proved protection and nourishment for the people who resided there, watched over by the goddess and her faithful earth spirits.

Yet as time passed, the whims of man overwhelmed their desire to do good. Selfish princes became ruthless kings who oppressed their people. Monks lined their pockets with bribes to lay false blessings upon sinners. Soon, slave markets lined the streets in place of fruit stalls and narcotics flooded underground dens to claim the lives of many. The promised land that was Ardunia had become little more than a den of thieves and murderers. Prayers to the goddess grew less and less. Enya looked upon the valley and seeing what had become of her children, she wept, regretting what she had made for those who no longer followed her. In anger, she planned for a way to wipe them from her sight completely.

But a spirit named Cyphos, a vineyard spirit of mirth, wagers and mischief, stumbled upon five persons whom not even he could justify tampering with - while their mortal natures left them flawed and imperfect, Cyphos found much light within their hearts.

The spirit relayed what he had found to his mistress, naming the persons the five lights and explaining the purity of their hearts. But Enya would not listen. For she believed that humanity by nature is tainted and that any soul regardless of their initial purity would eventually be corrupted. When Cyphos saw she would not spare humanity in its entirty, he offered his goddess a wager - a prospect of a new Dawn. if these five souls could show her the beauty of humanity, then she would spare them and any they saw worthy to live. If they could not, then they would perish with the rest of humanity. Enya, taking favor within her servant, agreed and gave him one year.

As is his nature, Cyphos began his quest with a trick - luring his mistress into a peaceful slumber, he searched through her ancient mind to find memories she still held dear. Stealing five of these memories, Cyphos lay magic upon them and carried them to the mortal world below. Through further mischief, he lured the five lights together and placed each memory upon each soul in the form of a gift:

To one, a silver star that shines even in the darkest nights.

To one, a golden flower that gives healing through sacrifice.

To one, a bestial strength that is untamed and wild in unbridled glory.

To one, a flame that burned at the sight of cruelty and injustice.

To one, a foresight that is heightened by humbleness and cautious pursuits.

The five lights were to use these gifts to pave the path to the new dawn, to a land above the valley and high over the clouds that Cyphos called the Everdawn - a place untainted by wickedness, made for them and any they believed were worth saving. For one year, they have the task of proving the truth worth of humanity.
Magic 80%
Magic is common.
Technology 30%
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 30%
Some romance is possible, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

Hey, hey, hey!!!

Good to see another interest check up by you! I am definitely interested in all 3 (was very sad to see Children of Dawn fall apart) but got particularly drawn to The Call of Nern. Been looking for a dark fantasy to play some more serious characters with.

I will say though, that if a group decides on any other prompt, I have some good character ideas that will work superb! Good seeing more of your great ideas Hanns!

Edit: I'm REALLY craving a ranger role.
This forum caught my interest, I would be interested in the first and second idea!
hannsthemanns Topic Starter

2pointO wrote:
Hey, hey, hey!!!

Good to see another interest check up by you! I am definitely interested in all 3 (was very sad to see Children of Dawn fall apart) but got particularly drawn to The Call of Nern. Been looking for a dark fantasy to play some more serious characters with.

I will say though, that if a group decides on any other prompt, I have some good character ideas that will work superb! Good seeing more of your great ideas Hanns!

Edit: I'm REALLY craving a ranger role.


It's so good to hear from you again! I agree, it was sad to see the group RP fall apart but I am so down to do something together with you. We can brainstorm on the Call of Nern and see what other steps we'll need to set up to get it rolling. I'll send you a PM in a few!
hannsthemanns Topic Starter

Cookiesareyummie wrote:
This forum caught my interest, I would be interested in the first and second idea!

Awesome! I'll shoot you a PM and we discuss which one to pick~
hannsthemanns wrote:
Cookiesareyummie wrote:
This forum caught my interest, I would be interested in the first and second idea!

Awesome! I'll shoot you a PM and we discuss which one to pick~

hannsthemanns Topic Starter

+ Closed the Call of Nern
+ 2 slots left

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