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Heya all! I just finished another armored vehicle for the Cytaari armed forces!
edit: what the heck the images arent working hold on please


if you wanna see more, heres my deviantart: , anyways heres the dossier with all the vehicle information!

Type 42 CR/Weasel-class Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
Width: 2 Meters
Length: 4 Meters
Height (to top of turret): 2 Meters
Engines: Type 42 CR/Blitz Engine 100 KW (Liquid-methane fueled pistonless rotary engine, electric drive transmission)
Weaponry: Type 42 CR/23mm Revolver Autocannon in oscillating turret mount
Additional equipment: Radio equipment
Maximum speed: 100 KM/h
Mass: 4.5 tons

Role: Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle

Design: The Weasel is the smallest armored vehicle in use by the Cytaari armed forces, using an unconventional 1x2x1 wheel configuration. Despite its small size it has decent armor, a relatively powerful 23mm autocannon, and achieves a high speed due to its oversized 100 KW Blitz engine. The vehicles greatest weakness is a relatively low range.

The vehicles unusual wheel configuration grants it a relatively good all-terrain capability and a small turning radius. The two person crew have fairly little room inside of the vehicles cramped interior. The commander drives the vehicle while the second crew member stands and operates the turret.

Despite its small size, the Weasel achieves a reasonable level of armor protection owing to its monocoque, well sloped cold-rolled cobalt steel armor.

History: The Weasel was developed as a standard all-terrain reconnaissance vehicle for the Cytaari armed forces. Despite its intended role, it was commonly used in combat owing to the versatility granted by its high speed, maneuverability, and decent weaponry. Against infantry and scout cars, the vehicles armor granted decent protection against machine guns, at least from the front, and even many anti tank rifles cannot penetrate it at a long range. The Weasel is as a result sometimes used as a flanking force, as its autocannon is relatively effective against tanks when used from the side or rear.

Meta: Wasnt quite sure about some characteristics of this one, particularly the camo scheme. Right now its just using a simplified version of the Maltese Tiger camo I use on most of my planes and also the Ocelot. I considered using either the Mink camo thats used on my other armored car, or making a new Type 42 Black Tiger camo for urban warfare. But. Eh. I didnt feel like it. So I just used this.

The weapon is also variable for this design- other than the autocannon it can also be fitted with a Type 42 CR/Automatic 5cm Infantry Rocket Launcher, which is the Cytaari equivalent of an automatic grenade launcher. Didnt do that mostly because I didnt feel that the vehicle would be used against infantry most of the time, and the 5cm infantry rocket isnt large enough to have an effective shaped charge warhead. It could also possibly have a reloadable 100mm tube launcher.

Incidentally it was quite difficult to make. I had to experiment for five days to figure out how to make the basic hull of the thing, then I had to remodel the hull because I originally didnt give the front wheel any room to turn, essentially making a vehicle that could only go straight forward and backwards! But, I fixed that now, and I double checked- it is fully rotatable now.

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