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Mercenaries wanted!

In the system of Claireon 5, you and a small group of people meet up in the city of Far Droni. You board a decent sized merchant ship and meet the people on it. You are each assigned some quarters in the back of the ship, and then told what you signed up for. You're here for a simple mission: protect the merchants and cargo through a long journey from the planet you're on, Axeon Prime, to the farthest planet from the sun, Trore B13S.

After a few days of the journey you find yourself docked on a small trading post orbiting the planet Nypso 7HN. The ship sits at the outer docks, refueling and resupplying. As you wait, suddenly alarms began to go off. The post was being attacked by pirates! They came out of nowhere and began to suddenly open fire. Everyone in your group ran to the ship, and it began to take off, but one of the side engines was hit by an ion blast from a pirate cruiser! The pilots begin to lose control of the ship and you slam into the trading posts main hub. This causes multiple deaths on your ship, and on the post, along with the post breaking off of the docks... and its engines. Both the ship and the post falls from orbit and onto the planet surface.

As you stand up from the wreckage of the ship you find yourself on a mesa-like planet with humongous jagged rocks, large strange creatures flying in the ski, and the occasional tremor occurring. The sky is a bright blueish-green that fades to a little darker green at the horizon. It appears that the people who hired you didn't survive, but a few of the mercenaries you met with. In the distance you can see the wreckage of the fallen trading post. Maybe you can find a way out of here, or maybe even a surviving few people to help you...?

Hey there! I really do hope that you like the idea of this, and if you do send me a message if you want to join! But before you do there are a few things you need to know:
    - I would prefer if you made your posts just a little bit longer than normal (Basically just make it so that the players have enough to work with)
    - Please be patient with me or others if we don't respond right away, please remember we have lives of our own! We'll respond as soon as we are able to.
    - For the start, I would prefer it if we had only 5 or so people playing, but once we get further along in the story we could have a few more people added to the party (but not have it get too large, otherwise it'd be too hard to work with)

And that's it! I hope that you can join me on this, and remember; we're all here to just have fun! :]

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