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We begin in a village consisting of tree houses, built 40ft off the ground. To evade the creatures that lurk in the forest. The clearing where they live is quite peaceful surrounded in all the forest but only the trees with houses rest in the clearing. The people consist of a Genasi race, tho they do have a few other races that take residence there. The able young of the village are expected to train and guard the clearing from the forest dangers.

"As a young man I this is where I was born. An adventure has yet to find me but i hope for my chance someday..."

Dyre thinks as he awakens for the morning. As a tribe warrior he takes pride in protecting his family, but longs for an adventure beyond the forest. One elf who lives with the tribe, she tells tales of the villages where creatures as big as bears live comfortably among smaller creatures. Villages with beautiful temples, bustling with life!
As Dyre stands on post by the entrance to the jungle he thinks.

"Just to see... when will my chance come? But chief said leaving is impossible the forest is far too dangerous."

Suddenly a loud noise shook the trees causing all the creatures to stir. Dyre went defensive holding out his magic staff. A large stag like creature with a skull for a face approached. He held up his staff braving the front as his Conrad's retreated. He held his ground knowing if he died he died for his family. The stag lord spoke to him an a different language telling him.

"Young creature. You've a brave soul."

It disappeared into a dark black fog before he could reply his conrad's were impressed by his bravery. Dyre kept the stag's words to himself.
He intends to find the source of the creature. he packs his things and heads out that night. Leaving only a note explaining his means to return. He heads toward a main city through the woods following an old map that his father gave to him from his adventures. How accurate it is today is unknown.

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