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This is a physical item that, upon completion, will be shipped to you. Shipping is not covered, and will be added onto the final piece price. feel kinda bad 'cause shipping to some places is HELLA expensive-

So, I have an unopened canvas of 12 inch x 10 inch (305mm x 254mm). Unopened, unused, and ready to be painted on. I want to start earning my own money (extra) so that I can start buying my own stuff. I've gotten really into painting as of late (and I think I've improved a lot) so why not try?

Among Us Examples (WARNING: Cussword)
Certain aspects of the images appear unfinished or rough (specifically the red & the words; this is because they were re-done recently and only have 1 coat of paint.

WIP Anime Examples
These examples are rough because it is an unfinished painting: there has only been one coat of paint on these pictures as of now.


There are obvious things I am better at than I am at others.
(what I have FULL confidence in):

- night sky (with clouds & stars)
- day sky (with clouds)
- an among us piece (crewmate or imposter, custom words)
will do (what I have some
confidence in):

- anime characters (colours only, no details, no lines)
(examples of this are the "WIP Anime Examples" collapse tag)
- black silhouettes (people only)
- quotes
will try (have little confidence,
may reject requests):

- furry characters
- custom characters (your OCs) (style like the anime character style, no lineart)
- scenery silhouettes (black only)

will definitely NOT do:
(have NO confidence in):

- just animals
- detailed or coloured scenery
- characters with lineart/detail

These are based on minimum wage in my city :) (THIS EXCLUDES SHIPPING)
Based on a complex piece: Sketching usually takes around 45 - 60 mins.
Painting usually takes 60 - 90 mins.
Approx. £13.65

Based on a simple piece (Such as a quote): Sketching usually takes 30 - 45 mins.
Painting usually takes 40 - 60 mins.
Approx. £7.96

To be on the safe side, if you're unsure, please DM me for a quote :)

I cannot give an accurate pricing for shipping right away. If you'd like a rough price, please DM me with where you live (state/country, not specific).

Orders may be rejected if I feel that I am unable to complete the order to the standard of which I want to.

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