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Here's a simple thread premise, particularly for those who play pen & paper RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and the like. Though if you don't play any such games, you can instead retell a story based on general roleplay.

The premise is this: from your roleplaying history, have you any memorable stories about comic-relief references to other media, franchises, products, real life events, etc? If so, do tell! Whether you introduced the reference as a GM or experienced it as a player, so long as there was humour, why not share it? And if you don't have any references in particular but would still like to share a moment of humour, feel free to do that too!


Yesterday, I started a new D&D campaign with some friends and family (the premise being a party of pokémon who get transported away to the Sword Coast of Faerûn, Toril), and a certain magic item I gave the party was an instant hit. It was originally contained with a scroll case, and as one of the party released it, I was given the fantastic ability to sing a certain song from Dora the Explorer. The party erupted in laughter as they realised that in order to find their quest objectives, they will have to rely on The Map. Of course, once the party found out that the Map would burst into song whenever it is removed from its case, they started to exploit that fact.
Riik Topic Starter

Had some great fun making one of my party members fight the Teletubbies.

Then subtly nudged them toward putting on this magical item...
Available in purple, green, yellow and red, the Bodysuit of the Tubby-Tummies is an unusual one-piece leather armour that covers the wearer from head to toe, with in-built gloves, boots and hood. An antenna of a distinctive shape sits attached to the top of the hood, corresponding to the colour of the armour itself.

Each of the four colours has a name associated with it. The purple armour is the "Bodysuit of Tinky Winky" and has a triangular antenna. The green armour is the "Bodysuit of Dipsy" and has a straight antenna. The yellow armour is the "Bodysuit of Lala" and has a curled antenna. And the red armour is the "Bodysuit of Po" and has a circular antenna.

The Bodysuit of the Tubby-Tummies has a +1 AC bonus on top of its existing leather armour AC rating of 11, bringing it to a total of 12.

Curse. When worn, the Bodysuit of the Tubby-Tummies applies the following curse to the wearer:
  • You must now solely use the word "Eh-oh" whenever you greet someone.
  • You believe that the bodysuit is a part of your body and believe that any damage to it causes you pain.
  • You must resist any and all attempts to remove the armour from your body, and believe that its removal will result in your death.
  • You believe that your name is that which corresponds to the specific bodysuit (for example, if you are wearing the purple bodysuit, you believe your name is Tinky Winky) and you must correct anyone whenever they call you by a different name, nickname or refer to you by your species or any other abstract form of address.

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