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Hello all ! I am opening up some commissions for the holiday! What better way to gift an rpr buddy then to have some art drawn of their characters?

I'm looking to take about 5 commissions to earn some extra holiday money. ^^/ Examples can be found by going to my instgram: port.trail or the link below.

(please note all examples are variants and combinations.) :
-Bust up drawings
Colored flat: $10
Shading: $15
-Half Body drawings
Colored flat: $20
Shading: $25
Another character: $5
Like a color or tint- No charge
Detailed background- $5

Some examples of what I will draw:
-Armor only if image references are provided

What I will not draw:
-Sexual or abusive scenes
-Mechs or robotic equivilents
-Animals (depends)

I can only take payments on paypal at this time. Thanks for understanding!

I will only be accepting 5 commissions at this time so be sure to DM me if you are interested and we can discuss more. I would love to know :

Thanks so much everyone and stay safe! Below the link should allow you to see examples !

You could also check out my instagram! @port.trail

Kotomi657 Topic Starter

Three slots left <3

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