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A local underground fight ring is producing very grievously injured people, who are going to the local apothecaries to have their injuries treated. The local guard wants to stop it before it gets way out of hand, but the local doctors are actually having a boom in business because of it.

Things are getting better, as a mysterious benefactor begins to fund the development of the world's first major intercity hospital, which is promising to collect the various healers in the area to come and work there. However, most clerics and "patron related" physicians are barred, and the church is now working with the guard to try and shut down the construction of the hospitals.

So, the plot is that the party comes across a couple of twin men who direct them to the underground ring, and they participate in it for some gold. Easy, simple. However, they then get approached by a couple of guard hired Trackers who try to bring them on to shut it down. They go on a short jaunt to discover the owners, who are the twins. The twins have been operating the fighting ring, and are using the prize money they get from their cut of the share to fund the hospital. They are ex-Artificers who wanted to bring in a reliance on material plane healing, so the Gods could not withhold healing if they disagreed with a person's alignment (Hippocratic oath over morals). So they, instead, ask the party to help them stop the church, who is funding the guards

Use this as you will! I recently developed it for a campaign and some folks liked it enough to take it, so go ahead and use it as a part of whatever you want! Any comments on the plot would be appreciated for tweaking (have yet to run it)

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