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Victorian Fantasy. 3rd person. No godmodding

Inspector Randall was clear, firm, uncompromising and highly calculating when he finally captured the crook... None other than Santa himself.

After forcefully wrestling the large red sack filled with... much too much evidence, he took care of all affairs by the book. No buts, no ifs, no exceptions.

First he had social services come to the headquarters to collect the elves and place them into care, sending them to an orphanage.

Then he contacted the local kennel and the local zoo to tag those deers and place them into proper care before returning to the cell to address the criminal.

The old man had not offered resistance even if he did appear worn and troubled, clearly pressed for time

- "Full Name? and address?" questioned the inspector after taking the man's photograph
Santa Claus (played anonymously)

Santa took a deep breath, somewhat disappointed.

He had visited the inspector each winter since the man had been born. He had read his childish letters and prepared his presents with great care. To be asked such questions as though he were a stranger, a common criminal, stung.

His wrinkled eyes winced with the white flash of light and, after the photograph was taken, he rubbed them thoroughly with his index and thumb even if wrists were cuffed.

"Nicklaus.... most call me Santa Claus or just Santa" repeated

"I live in the North Pole with my elves and deers, in Lapland" explained the good old man.
ARTHUR RANDALL Scotland yard (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Inspector Randall smiled broadly taking note of that too.

- " Seems the charges are many and growing... " assured the man

- "Illegal import of goods, especially all kind of high value items, all untaxed. Unpaid import taxes is serious." reported Randall

- "Travelling without a visa is an immigration crime" explained Randall

- "Working without a permit too" added the inspector

- "Entering into people's properties is trespass. A criminal charge" added Arthur

- "The children... whom you call elves... they're clearly not yours. That's a charge of human trafficking, child labour... child endangerment, even kidnap" trailed off Arthur

- "The deers... pulling such weight is animal cruelty and endangerment, illegal import of unvaccinated livestock..." added Arthur

-"You have much to account for, sir" guaranteed Randall.

"However, you will remain under arrest till you get a lawyer and a free judge to hear your case. Though courts are closed, it is Christmas after all. I suppose we shall deal with you in the new year" informed the inspector, closing the book where he wrote the notes and waving the guard to take him to the nearest cell
Santa Claus (played anonymously)

Santa sat in his cell, wrists and ankles bound by cuff and thick chains to the wall. His eyes looked up to the stars and he whispered your character's name.

He is in need of a good lawyer to clear his name and get him out, pardoned

He is in need of a thief (or a bunch of them) to help steal his sack and deliver the presents on time, or to break him out so he can do so. Happiness depends on those presents.

Who is your character? Where is your character? what is your character doing? how can your character help?

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