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And I, along with some others, have begun an undertaking of proportions I don't think any of us initially realized when we began. We are worldbuilding but we are not simply building a single city or a country. We aren't even doing a world. No, we are doing an entire multiverse with an intense ten established universes. We have rough ideas for some of the worlds, but even those worlds only have some general theme and maybe some rough framework. We need the meat and stuff, the details and the way things operate in various places in each world in each realm. This whole undertaking is massive, really.

Now the other thing is this: in order to work with us you must be at least 21. I know, I know I'm sorry guys but as an adult this is not something I am comfortable working with minors on.

Please have discord as it is easier for everyone to communicate that way - we have a server!

if this isn't the right place for this blame Cass, she told me to put it here lol

You are on: Forums » RP Discussion » Looking for fellow Worldbuilders

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