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With the advent of the glorious forums, I can finally introduce myself to the rest of this repository. Just call me Grand or Finale, don't trouble yourselves saying both in the same sentence. I can't wait to at last RP here, after the long wait for there to be forums or some other sort of communication outside of PMs(no, not the disease PMS).
Kim Site Admin

Our wait has indeed been a long and grueling one. A scorching desert of forumlessness, with only the teasing mirage of PMs to stave off complete collapse. What brave souls are we to have survived the silent, speechless wilds! Great tales shall be written of the Before Time, and they shall be sung to future generations lest they take their forums for granted.

Are you going to strike up a RP with Alphanus? ;)
GrandFinale Topic Starter

Currently, he's the only character I've got here. So, of course.

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