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I need some help(Again) understanding what is popular nowadays (Besides dark themes) Don't get me wrong,I love a dark rp every now and again,but it feels like my inbox is nothing but dark rps. I'm trying to try something new,or bring back something most forgotten about like Transformers for example.

I know what you are probably gonna say in the comments,that Transformers isn't very popular anymore,but I beg to differ,on facebook,there is a ton of people who love it,and starting to collect figures.

I'm getting off topic,anyway,I just need a flat out answer,what is popular other than dark and twisted themes. I am getting tired of gore and death,I just want to do something light hearted or something that most people forgot about.

If anyone has a list of ideas,then please comment,I would like to hear(er read) your thoughts.
I can't and won't even try to answer for others, but I've gone through many different genres when it comes to RP and even story writing. I think like many interests these are cyclical. I've done a lot of RP in fantasy, horror, historical, detective, etc. There are current themes or genres I am less interested in or motivated in to RP because I tend to go where my current interest lie and like to do a good deal of research on a topic or topics I become passionate about.

I think it really depends on how well you present or sell your idea(s). If you are passionate about an idea, have a clear sense of direction as to where you would like to see it go and are open to some ideas from others who are interested in the same genres, then definitely present it or put up an ad. for it.

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