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Well.... it is down to the last hours of this 2020 year and personally I'm sort of glad it is nearly done. Hoping for a better 2021 and may it be the year this pestilence is conquered!

In reflection, 2020 was the first year I had not worked at all since I was in high school. Surreal. Generally though... being more a social moth than a social butterfly, the lockdowns and crap didn’t bother me that much. The biggest bummer was I was planning to go to the states to visit family in 2020 and to sort out some U.S. government IRS/Social Security/banking stuff. Could do it online IF I had a U.S. phone number and a U.S. credit card..... anyway, managed to get most of it sorted...


Loving the Fireworks by the way! Thanks Kim for the fun year end sendoff!
HAPPY NEW YEAAARRRRR and thank u for the fireworks kim <3
Really glad to be seeing the end of this year.

Come on 2021, we know you'll be better!
Happy New Year to everyone and all the Mods on RPR for all your hard work❣🎆

Thank-you for the fireworks🎉
2020 was the pits, but surprisingly wasn't the worst year of my life despite the fact that I was homeless for a short period during a pandemic. ㋡

2021 started out pretty abysmal, too. BUT. We are just saying that's 2020 leaving with a vengeance and that 2021 is going to be a great year full of opportunity and success. 2020's issues might have carried over (i.e. pandemic, etc.) but I'm determined that this time around it will be better.
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Well... it seems it only took a week before 2021 said to 2020, "Hold my beer and watch this!"


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