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Red Rock wrote:
It is 1870 in the Wyoming Territory, it's now the height of the west as settlers pour into the western states from the east. Meanwhile the greatest race the US saw (at the time) was taking place between the Union Pacific Railroad and the Transcontinental Railroad. That brings us to where we are, smack dab in the middle of everything, literally the west is unfolding right in front of our eyes in a sleepy small town! Though, Red Rock has had a rather harsh history and may even be facing a certain end! This is because in 1858 Silver had been discovered in the area, soon tons of miners, settlers, and people seeking to create a quick buck flooded the area. Shortly a boom town known as Red Rock had been created. In 1867 though, after all the Silver had been mined out, the town quickly dried up from activity, businesses closed down and moved, miners gone. All that was left was outlaws, prostitutes, drunks, lost passerbyers, and little to no law.

I've been having some fun with this one, so just sharing in case some other folks might enjoy it! :) It's a chat style play. Various writing lengths and styles.

Magic 00%
No magic at all.
Technology 40%
Industrial revolution
Combat 50%
Combat is expected as part of the storyline but it won't dominate the plot.
Romance 40%
Romance is slightly desired, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, Will be played with a large group of players.

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