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In today’s day in age, a strange out break of animal mutation clans emerged. Humans rejected their existence and the government sent any who dared show their faces to secret locations/camps where they would be held prisoner.
It was ugly... it was wrong... this way of life forced the mutants to come up with a technical device that could cloak their forms into real regular people. A cloaking collar, it made them appear human.
In fact they got so good at hiding most people, except the government, forgot of the existence of these metas/mutants.
The most intriguing part is that the mutants are all animal related. All with different civilization stories and traditions! Just regular people trying to go through their own individual lives.
Main mutant groups consisted of: forest dwellers, sea creatures, Sky flyers, desert roamers, and Arctic crossers. All in the name, I would assume you’d understand the main groups. The mutants consisted of every animal crossed with any kind of person, (Not a furry....) but more of like a human looking person.

Most common races:

Cat/neko: cat mutants show them selves more often and some how end up with less of their numbers in jail. The reason being why they don’t end up getting caught so often is because of their high charisma and romantic value...( they are often very attractive) this a race is common between both genders. They have an undesirable weak spot behind the ears and love shiny things.

Dog/wolf: these two are very similar as they are cousin races, so they go hand in hand. They are known for their huge hearts are pretty emotional but a wolf might not have too many tells. This race is extremely loyal and work behind the scenes in the human world. Could literally be your best friend! Or... lover? Gender goes both ways here.
Crows/pidgins: are thought to be extremely annoying... but provide a lot of information! They are another large group not popular but just in a large abundance. Their wings are along their arms and as birds they constantly shed. They love big cities or anywhere there is food! They are however easily frightened and not the bravest but definitely the boldest. Gender goes both ways.
Fish: fish in general go between mermaids and people with full body scale and gills. They have fun ears and web fingers and maybe toes. Skittish and quiet the kind of people who just literally float through life ignoring the surface. Probably the reason the city of Atlantis became lost. They are artists and musicians. Vivid colors are everywhere! Their eyes and color themes are very wide in range. They are not exactly common but are another very popular sought out race due to their fair appearance. They can learn any language by lip to lip contact. Gender goes all ways but is most common in female and gender neutral.
Bears: they love food! They are strong! They are Lazy..... these are probably people disguised as lumberjacks or that one guy in the pub who works late nights and goes back to the bar for “ just one more drink!” They handle stress with food. Although they are heavy drinkers, their strength is beyond comprehension! You such as mess with family or a really close friend you might as well say your prayers because you be dead! Bears are a huge part of the secret government prison community. Genders are more likely males or trans but both genders do apply.
Insects/spiders: creepy crawlers are unfortunately the most looked down upon race because of how they appears and their gruesome natures. The matriarch of their clans are always the queen weather a bee or an ant or a spider.... men are unfortunately... never live too long because of how their queens turn and more than likely feast on them. Yes these are humanoids but they are the more ugly of the races. Spiders will lure out people and mutants just for their own entertainment for torture or even murder... in the end they’ll profit off of their victims and live to see another day... very roguish. Female is the main gender here but men are around... just not very common.
Of course there are more races and the possibilities are endless but there are two races that very few remaining...
Unicorn: exotic race in which by cutting off their horn you may grant a single wish. The horn never grows back and their lives are shortened.... they are normally immortal but without the horn they are not. A sign of royalty amount the unicorn is if they have wings. Usually they Are very tall with fair looks and long hair. Gender goes all ways
Dragon: exotic race with impenetrable skin that can only be harmed or held back with steal. The the scales range in color depending or where they were born and posses fire breath. They have wings that only carry them at full maturity (adult hood.) each dragon posses a sacred treasure. Upon stealing said treasure the dragon looses its immortality. It’s said whenever a dragon loses its treasure a volcano erupts. Gender goes all ways
In this rp you play as mutants or humans with different tasks, such as government workers, mutant hunters, friendlies of mutants, camp organizers. Is all up to you. For this role play there are two different characters sheets for humans and mutants.
This world is cruel and with the government now starting to intentionally hunt them down the mutants time on earth may be limited. How will they prevail? How might these races go on?! Could their be peace?

The Bodyguard program
“ I told you I didn’t want one!!”a girl yelled
“ Well you need one! So stop throwing a fit!” Her parents said
“ I’m in school I’m fine this stupid person who wants to be my bodyguard is an idiot!!!” She growled
They always say that. Children who are either related to someone wealthy, famous, or a ruler. Either which way we are here to protect.
We are the bodyguard program. Since forever we have trained and send bodyguards everywhere. If you need one we got one. Yes children or even adults might say they will ruin their lives when actually we have had only splendid reports of how well our bodyguards are. Sometimes we get news as they fell in love with the person or sad news they died for them but it’s always something happy they have to say so come on and hire one of our bodyguards today!

Crime city
“ hey boss we got another hit” a man said walking into an office.
“ Send the squad to deal with it...”
“ but sir-“
“ I said let the squad deal with it! We have too much to worry about!!” The boss said staring out his window where he could see smoke.
“ Yes Captain” the man left.
The guy turned around slamming his hand on the desk.
“ Argh! We haven’t been able to get these crimes to stop! If we arrest one another one pops out of nowhere!! I know where they keep going! Crime city” the guy got up looking at a map.
“ But no one knows where it is in New York the police there have checked everywhere not finding anything..”
“ Its strange though they seem to be only targeting the wealthy most of the time expect the times where you hear that none wealthy people get kidnapped for money!! It’s stupid!!” The man slammed his hand against the wall.
“ Agent!!!” He yelled.
An agent ran in.
“ Yes sir!”
“ prepare my car”
“ Y-yes sir!” The agent went to leave but the captain stopped him.
“ And upload the data” the captain left and so did the agent uploading the data

Upload complete~
“ Ha! Yes another burn!”
“ Yes but how long can we continue until they finally figure out where we are going?”
“ Psh! Like they are going to!! Don’t make me laugh!!”
Two men ran off from the fire that was ignited and burning down a house.
A few years later and the captain was killed do to a police chase and a new captain was appointed.

Detroit/Kanas city- the two places cities if you call them are linked together by the underground their crimes are robbery whatever is stole finds its way to the underground and is shipped and sold at crime city

L.A/San Francisco- these two cities are linked together by another underground each city is linked by their own underground. Their crimes are setting fire to rich people’s homes best known as Arson. This is manly because of the two gangs that live in the two cities. One lives in L.A the other San Francisco in both the cities lives a mafia group who supply the two gangs with fire equipment

Tokyo/Hong Kong- linked by the underground. Crime is kidnapping they kidnap somewhat wealthy people and highly wealthy people just for money of which they ship to crime city for more money or use it to buy things

London/new York(crime city)-

London’s crime is hackers they use ransom or find new weapon designs and sell them.

In New York it’s assassinations New York is crime city both London and New York are connected by the underground ground. Still only attack the wealthy.

Crime city- yes crime city is where criminals go to but the truth is they sell those weapon designs for money to each other and never use them or they sell things inside people’s homes or jewelry for money which always some how ends up back at the banks or jewelry stores again. In crime city there’s two rules no killing and always protect innocents and the poor. In crime city they believe the wealthy are evil.

Gangs- there are only two gangs yellow scarfs and red bandannas. Yellow scarfs deal with more fire based equipment while red bandannas deal with bombs of course each gang makes sure there is no one inside the homes and if there is they get them out and if there are pets they get them out. They mostly keep the animals and let the people go.

Mafia- only one mafia group sadly since all others were wiped out they deal with getting weapons to the two gangs they are a highly dangerous mafia group called the weapons for some reason and their leader runs crime city. They live in both San Francisco and L.A

The underground- is a place for hiding and dropping off things to be ship to crime city along with shipping themselves sometimes. It’s used as a pickup or drop off or ship off sometimes.

Lovers at first hostage
My character had been assigned to kill your character. They had been working for them without them knowing their true intentions and was gonna kill them. On the night they go to kill them it turns out you character knew all along what they were gonna do and holds them captive!

Pm me if interested!
or if you want to know more info. Some can be put into groups. The mutant one is more of a group one
Magic 80%
Magic is common.
Technology 50%
Combat 60%
Combat is woven into the storyline and could come to the forefront if the characters seek it out.
Romance 70%
Romance is required, but may take some time to develop. For example: slow burn RPs.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts,

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