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I know I've seen some really good ones, but mine are a bit ... sparse. What things do you like to see/include in yours or in characters you're checking out?
I sometimes change the headers and combine the maybe/sometimes into one column, then title a section OOC and list the writer’s preferences, then use the combined section to list more detailed in- story preferences, and of course the ‘never’ section for the absolute no stuff.

I always thought Romy here had a good straightforward Always/Never chart and have styled a few of mine from it.
Hi Juls,

I'm linking one of my characters first page so you can have a look. I have the same list on all my characters except for two characters who are married to each other and will no be involved in romantic plot lines with anyone else's character.

You can scroll down to see what I use. Chart Lists for my characters
Juls Topic Starter

Thank you both for the ideas... there's a few there that I hadn't thought to include, but I think I'll go add them to some of my characters! :)

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