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i'm in a roleplay that i'm kind of confused on if it would be a romance roleplay between an adult and a minor. (remember that this romance is a completely no-sex roleplay, so that if you're going to get mad, at least don't get as mad as if it had smut-- there is none) so there's my character, a ghost who died at 15 and has been dead for around forty-fifty years, and my partners character, a boy that's alive and also 15. because my character is older when you consider his dead years, would this be considered a romance between an adult and a minor, or would it lean more on their personality if they're dead/immortal/etc? my character acts the same as he did when he was alive, because for my roleplays with ghosts, my ghosts are generally frozen in time physically and so do their personality maturity (although, of course, they still learn)

i ranted a little bit there

ok basic version: would you consider a romance between a long-dead ghost that died as a minor and a living minor one of the adult x minor romances you would avoid? i'm more interested in your opinion than if i should quit the roleplay, because with these kinds of roleplays i lean on appearance and personality instead of age
Okay so I personally have had my ocs die and be ghosts (on a diff site) and I just made time be frozen (basically) for them, however, those ocs did come back to life at the same age they died. I would consider it as a minor x minor rp because if your ghost oc is dead at 15 and your partner's oc is 15 then they are same age so it would be okay. I think that it would be like being in a relationship where one person knew more than the other type of scenario. Hope this helps! If you need more detail or anything else feel free to PM me about anything!
I agree with DragonBorn as there is no emotional or personality development for ghosts, usually. So emotionally and personality-wise, your ghost is probably still 15.
I will third that assessment. When an oc becomes a ghost, I think they stay at the same age and physical development, even though they might learn more things, they’ll still process it as if they’re still 15, even if they’ve been dead for 50 years.
Because of how you handle ghosts, you're very free to consider him a 15 year old since he's frozen in place as a 15 year old child. But, it feels like you were trying to make it seem like we'd be in the wrong if we considered it pedophilia and got uncomfortable, as if you weren't asking if it technically would be. If you were actually writing a 50 year old adult x 15 year old child, a lack of sex doesn't make it less pedophilic.

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