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Ko'sanabi (played by DragonBorn123)

You hear someone talking about skooma usage and profits coming from an open building. When you go to investigate you see two khajiit bickering. Do you interfere or wait for them to be done? All based on Skyrim and your decisions!

****NOTE: You do not have to use or make a Skyrim oc for this. You can use any oc you would like.****
Rey (played by Diegorey07)

Nice, I love Skyrim! Id love to join this rp!
Rennoc Korzet (played by Ashen)

Hey i'm interested and was wondering if my character Rennoc would be ok
Ko'sanabi (played by DragonBorn123) Topic Starter

Hey guys! Sorry for the late reply to your posts but you both can join and your characters are both great!
Rennoc Korzet (played by Ashen)

Great! Although it has been ages since I've played skyrim
Minette (played by ichigo747)

Where do I sign up? I'm very new to this site, I don't know how the character thing works, though I do have a character set in mind.

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