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Recently someone I knew posted a new status which came across my feed. Not noticing at first it was a status, my instant thought was it was a forum topic that had been posted, so I clicked it. Without warning I was immediately gestured to YouTube.

Now I don't mind so much personally that a status could take you offsite like this, but I would kind of liked some kind of warning this was coming. Something like the warning we now get when we're about to leave a page we're replying to and try to maneuver off of that page.

How do others feel about this? Is a simple warning the link will take you off site easy to code? I feel like it would be but I have no idea how to code or program myself.
I agree that this would be a good idea, if it's feasible. I don't know much about coding but I do know that Discord and some other sites have warnings like this, so I think it's probably doable?
If I see a link in a friend’s status notification I just assume it will take me offsite as they are usually a song-link to youtube.

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