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Story setting....

California. At the Nevada/California Stateline.

It was High noon and the crew were all feeling the heat as the pressure was beating them all down. What they didn't know was that it was only the beginning of something that could spell disaster. The end of the West coast and perhaps the setting off of Yellowstone's supercaldera.


Jeremy: *Looking at the barren fields beyond the stateline of California* This is gonna be a long Trip up the road here.


Sandy: We're gonna be here a while. But where do we go? There's no landmark for at least 50 miles. There's like nothing here.


Pansear: *Popping out from his pokeball followed by Conkeldurr* ...

Jeremy: What do you see, Pansear?

Pansear: I don't know. We need eyes in the sky.

Jeremy: *Calling out his Pokemon* Scyther... Come on out, Darling.

Sandy: *Calling out his pokemon* Scyther. Let's spread your wings and fly! Fly!


Lisa: We are getting hot here... *Trying to fan off the heat* Sweet Mother of heat and exhaustion... It's so hot here. Where's the water?

Jeremy: I don't know. We kinda used it all back in the middle of Stateline. There is nothing left for us here...


Not far from where they were...

A gathering of evil men were domineering. It was...


TEAM MAGMA... What were they up to?

Jeremy: *Voice-over* Hi. I'm Jeremy. Jeremy K. Lightfoot. Aka Passion Kiss. You might have heard of me... But then again.. maybe not. However you could have heard of my mother... The Rising Star. Macie. She's put out 8 CD's... Multiple concert tours... 11 Movies. 15 books... Anyway... I am not one you'd call normal. But what's normal anyway. I am a gay youth. Drag Teen. Came out when i was 13. Sandy and i met on the day i officially came out with it all. Since then... we were like eternally entwined. Two hearts as one. Now... He and i were in california... Doing a state wide journey. A trip. Of course we were with my sisters... Lisa and Nicole. They were with us and they happen to be with the knack for travel. Pokemon. And here is more to that. We are celebrities. Known as the Rising Lights. We've had our fair share of fame too... However our desire for Pokemon seemed more wholesome. Plus interacting with them... Seeing all that we could. It was endless. What we didn't know was the dangers we would soon face. Now you will ask... What were we gonna do when that moment arose? There is no idea as to what we'd do. But i think you can take it from this Drag Teen... Danger... Is the sole spice of life. Like they would say... No Risk... No Reward. And alas... So it begins... The statewide Journey..

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