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*** HEAVY WIP **** **** Many stories to tell and play out ***

Hello Binky aka Queen Bee here! :) . Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this thread. Much appreciated. These are simplistic taboo and reality type roles inspired by either something I've seen or read. So these ideas may be my own written. They were heavily inspired.

1.) ***Fallen Leaves*** - It was another new school year in Boston. Pretty much the prep squad college as most would call it. Ones looking to get into law or be a serious journalist. - The role play is about a student entering into a required Psychology Class that ends up having an infactuation or crush on the teacher Miss Monilla. A 29 year old latin teacher that unknowingly is having marital problems of going through a divorce while taking advice from her sister whom is having the perfect life with being married and having two kids. - The sudden unknown bond from the student involving himself in any extra activity that is asked for volunteers. Soon turns to an unconscious start to something.

2.) *** Time of Endearing *** - As troubled eighteen teen Taylor Darrows was being threatened by her parents to change her act. Already making a result into a choice for her for the summer. Either attend summer school or help out with her grandpa on the harbor land for the summer.
She chooses the second choice for his dislike of school. Her grandpa was age 65. One that has experienced a lot from the wars, to the greasers, etc.
He was going to teach her life lessons on things through his own experience. ---- She slowly entrusts in him and doesn't find him as a stubborn old man, but instead a wise one that also has had their own issues.
Would this turn to a friendship or be a summer of hell?

3.) *** The Perfect Android ***< Heavily inspired by Detroit Become Human> - In New York City in the future 2050 as more high tech continued to come out during the past few years. Things getting so much more advanced as androids were the new thing on the market.
Your character, Dan Felton, being in his mid 40's has had a failed marriage. No kids. Living in an apartment within the city. ---- Working as a salesman under it's own tech company for simple gadgets. As you ended up winning the contest. ---- The winner of the contest was to be able to get their own personalized android for whatever they chose. ---- Upon entering the android store. The salesman very approachable and helps you out as you won one of the top models that allows you to totally customize the look of one.
You end up choosing a female since that would be for company, in chores, and possibly more.
Would this end up changing that considered failure in life?

4.) *** Diablo *** *** Fan Made Idea*** ---- <based off Diablo 1 from Blizzard.>
During what was considered a normal night in Tristam. As the moon shined over down while the town was still active about with the large town fire in the middle. All seemed calm. This would quickly change from a cooler more eerie wind blowing through. The young man with his long dark hair in a pony tail. His brown eyes staring at the fire. Wearing a red vest over a tattered light tan short sleeve shirt and a pair of brown overalls within a pair of leather smocks.
Came rushing over one of the villagers. " They've killed them!!!" " They've killed all of them!"
The man turned who? ---- " The foul demons in the church....." " Lazarus led a group down there with over brave villagers." " Though demons...I saw them with my own eyes. " " Briskly attack and kill the group....." " You have to do something!" " Lazarus is alone!"
This would be the intro to what would be the starting to dark depths.

5.) *** Denham Camp Creek **** ---- It was during the time of summer at the summer camp in Utah. A group of counselors were to be stationed for the week to make sure that everything was in tip top shape before letting the other summer group campers attend this camp. However the problem with this camp was the mentioned murders that arrayed around the area. Apparently some random slaughter by two individuals before being taken down by the sheriff. Ever since then the place had been stated to have a curse upon it. One that plays mind game with your fears, and will break you into submitting yourself. What once was considered a great camping destination was now to be explored upon the horrors to bestow the group. A game of trust, trickery, and survival.

6.) ***It's The End Of The World As We Know It***
During what seemed a normal reported incident of a chemical spill in New York City, New York. Became a worse uncontained mess. The sudden vast spread of the chemical that was to be used as a skin and cell repair chemical instead back fired completely to start to do the opposite reaction of decomposition of the living to make them into the undead.
As months had gone by with the unthinkable of a Zombie Apocalypse..... the last two living individuals was an 18 year old spontaneous and loud mouth named Maggie, but went by Maggs and her older mature brother age 27 that seemed to be the last one to count on. Looking to find ways of survival. The continued instincts, hopping from house to house, and fighting everyday for whatever future was to come. Not to let the tormentors grip and wipe out everything that was believed in.

7.) ***The Perfect Family****
Have you ever had that hunch to want to have played out your ideal celebrity family? Well I mean more so picking out how your mom, sister or sisters looked. Even brothers, uncles, grandpa, etc.
This is your chance. Face claims to be used. Not just randoms and no animes.
From your selection. I will come up with some role play idea to work with. ---- so for example: Mom: Sandra Bullock
Sister: Ariana Grande Sister: Alexandria Daddario.
This role play has been many favorites. Though it is still story based. So just remember the taboo happens within good interaction and story building.

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